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AEW Dynamite live results: Jericho vs. Cassidy, two title matches

Two title matches headline tonight's live episode of AEW Dynamite. 

Kenny Omega and Hangman Page will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championships against Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy. 

The TNT Championship will be on the line when Cody defends the title against SCU's Scorpio Sky. 

Chris Jericho will face Orange Cassidy in what is being billed as a $7,000 obligation match. If Jericho wins, Cassidy has to pay Jericho $7,000 to replace the jacket Cassidy ruined when he dropped orange juice from the ceiling on The Inner Circle. The stipulation presumably applies to Jericho as well but this was never thoroughly explained. The Inner Circle and Best Friends are also banned from ringside. 

The Young Bucks will be in action against the Dark Order duo of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson. 

Appearances by AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, MJF, Big Swole and Britt Baker have also been announced. Plus, AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida will be in action.

This evening's show has been designated FTR Tag Team Appreciation Night. Special appearances by Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard and The Rock 'n' Roll Express have been advertised for the event. 

Our coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The Young Bucks defeated Evil Uno & Stu Grayson

Excellent opener.

Matt and Nick were attacked by Uno, Grayson, Alex Reynolds, John Silver and Alan Angels on their way to the ring. Uno and Grayson went to work on Nick. Matt hit a swanton off the stage to the floor.

Matt got cut off after a German from Uno. Nick made a comeback and hit his trademark springboard facebuster/moonsault off the apron combination. 

Nick was cut off. Uno and Grayson went for The Fatality but Nick avoided and used a sunset flip on Uno for the flash pin. Grayson saved but was just a split second too late. 


MJF was shown backstage with his entourage. He began making his way to the ring. 


The announcers previewed the rest of the card and introduced a series of vignettes where current tag teams were asked about their favorite tag teams of all time. 

Kenny Omega said The Young Bucks were his favorite team and the gods of tag team wrestling. Hangman Page said himself and Omega.  


MJF came to the announce desk with his entourage before a commercial break. 


MJF cut a promo in the ring from behind his campaign podium. He ripped on Jon Moxley and said we deserve a better champion. He called Moxley an idiot and said he was scared of MJF and wasn't there tonight after MJF's assault last week. 

Does MJF not watch the show? They just said two minutes before the break that Moxley would appear tonight. 

Moxley's music hit. MJF sent Wardlow to cut Moxley off if he entered through the crowd. Moxley entered through the tunnel instead. He laid out MJF with punches and nailed him with the Paradigm Shift. 

Moxley cut a promo. He said that if MJF thought that they were even now, he was mistaken. He promised more punishment at All Out. 


Alex Marvez interviewed Matthew Hardy. Matt's new gimmick is that since being hit in the head last week, Matt can no longer control his various personas and he slips in and out of them. 

You already know this if you watch BTE. If you don't, maybe they'll get around to explaining this on TV at some point. 

They replayed Sammy Guevara busting open Hardy with a chair shot last week. 

Hardy said he's alive and he won't die. He said he won't be cleared until the next Dynamite, next Saturday. Hardy said he can't wait to get his hands on Sammy and make him bleed. 

Hardy said he's not waiting til next Saturday, he's going to get Sammy tonight. Referee Mike Posey walked by and Hardy attacked him thinking it was Guevara. 


The TNT title match is next. 


Mike Chioda made his AEW debut as the referee for this match. 

TNT Championship match: Cody (w/Dustin Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes, Allie, QT Marshall & Arn Anderson) defeated Scorpio Sky to retain the title

Cody was really heeling it up here, coming out with his huge entourage, having Justin Roberts introduce him as "The Prince of Pro Wrestling," and such. 

Good match. Cody gave Sky a lot. 

Both took a bump over the top rope to the floor. Cody sold his ribs and Sky sold his back. 

Cody established the advantage as they got back inside by hitting a powerslam. Cody worked over Sky with a bow and arrow. Sky came back with a cutter on the stage and kicked out of a Cross Rhodes. Sky hit a flatliner for a near fall. 

Cody blocked a springboard cutter and hit a second Cross Rhodes for the pin.  


Mr. Brodie Lee appeared on the screen after the match and delivered a strong promo. 

Lee challenged Cody to a TNT Championship match on the next Dynamite, Saturday, August 22. 


Private Party said that the Hardys were their favorite team ever. 

The tag title match is next. 


AEW World Tag Team Championship match: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page defeated Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy (w/Marko Stunt) to retain the titles

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus are a great act but they are not the caliber of opponent that Page and Omega are often in with. The result was a good match but not at the level of most AEW tag matches. 

Stunt tried to get in the ring and attack Omega. Not one of the announcers directly brought up Omega attacking Stunt a few weeks ago and acted as if Stunt was just a loose cannon. 

Jungle Boy and Omega began. Jungle Boy got worked over through an ad break. Omega hit Stunt with a snap dragon on the floor. Jungle Boy tried a tope but Omega caught his and hit him with a snap dragon on the floor. 

Luchasaurus got a hot tag and hit some kicks. Omega cut him off with a v-trigger. Page tried a Buckshot Lariat but Luchasaurus blocked. Luchasaurus press slammed Stunt out of the ring onto Omega. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy went to work on Page. 

Omega hit a tope con giro on Jungle Boy. Page hit a powerbomb with a stack on Jungle Boy for a two count. 

Omega and Page hit the Last Call and Omega covered Jungle Boy for the pin. 

Taz was very good in this match in terms of calling moves. 


Santana and Ortiz cut a promo in the locker room area. They refused to apologize for trashing Sue's van last week.

Instead, they dragged some suitcases and items from the van into the shower and poured bleach on them.


The Young Bucks and FTR were in the ring with Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson. 

Matt cut a promo and said that Rock 'n' Roll Express were the original Young Bucks and set the standard for The Rockers, The Hardys and The Young Bucks. 

Dax cut a similar promo putting over Rock 'n' Roll and Arn and Tully for setting the standard that allowed him to provide for his wife and daughter.

Ricky Morton cut a promo and put over FTR and The Bucks. 

Arn cut a promo. He put over The Bucks. He called Rock 'n' Roll the team of the century. He said FTR are the best team on the planet. 

Tully cut a great promo. He said championships are what make you great and no one in the ring has any championships so lets just pause patting each other on the back. 

Tully said he's had a problem with Arn for a year since he interrupted Shawn Spears's match at All Out and said he doesn't know what the Nightmare Family symbol on Arn's vest is all about. 

Arn left. Ricky Morton and Tully got in a shoving match. Spears ran in. Dax faked a knee injury and avoided the brawl. 

Finally, it was just FTR and Rock 'n' Roll left in the ring. 

FTR attacked and laid out Gibson with Dax's knee brace and Morton with a spike piledriver. 

The Bucks ran back in for the save. FTR bailed. Omega ran in. Page sauntered to the ring last. 

This was a good angle but it had absolutely no time to breathe or sink in because it was time to throw it to the back. 


Alex Marvez was with Chioda backstage. Jericho entered. He said he saved Chioda's job 18 years ago. He said he wants Chioda to call it right down the middle tonight, wink wink. 

Chioda promised to call it down the middle. Jericho said when he gives Chioda the signal, he needs to cal lit down the middle and maybe he'll get Chioda a job here in AEW.

Butcher and Blade said their favorite team is the Road Warriors.


Hikaru Shida defeated Heather Monroe

This was Monroe's AEW debut. They had as good of a match as you would expect when given two minutes. 

She managed a few strikes before being cut off with a jumping knee strike. Shida hit a suplex into the buckle. 

Monroe reversed a falcon arrow and got a near fall. Shida used a stretch muffler for the submission. 


Schiavone interviewed Shida. He said All Out is coming up. Shida said she's still waiting for a challenger and "...bring it on."


Jake Roberts was backstage with Lance Archer. Archer beat up some jobbers in the background while Jake cut a promo. 

Archer ripped Jake's shirt off to reveal "everybody dies" painted on Jake's back. 


The Deadly Draw semifinals on Monday, Dark on Tuesday and part one of last year's all out on Wednesday were advertised for the AEW YouTube channel. 

FTR vs. Private Party, Omega & The Bucks vs. Reynolds, Silver and Angels (is his name Alan Angels or Five, they can't seem to decide), The Deadly Draw final, Darby Allin in action, Lucha Brothers, Butcher & Blade vs. Jurassic Express & Natural Nightmares and Cody vs. Mr. Brodie Lee for the TNT title were announced for Saturday Night Dynamite on August 22. 

Jericho and Cassidy are the main event tonight and they're next. 


$7,000 obligation match: Orange Cassidy defeated Chris Jericho

Cassidy beat Jericho around ringside and nailed him with a dive off the post to the floor with ihs hands in his pockets. Jericho cut Cassidy off with a boot and worked him over. 

Jericho hit a back suplex, forearm smash and a springboard dropkick to send Cassidy outside before an ad break. Jericho hit a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. 

Cassidy made a comeback. He hit a superkick, a clothesline, a high cross off the top and a pair of dragon screws. Jericho blocked a third dragon screw. He caught Cassidy coming off the ropes and used the Walls of Jericho. Cassidy slid out and used a small package for a two count. 

Cassidy used an ankle lock on the same leg he hit dragon screws on. Cassidy countered out of a suplex and hit a stunner. Jericho hit a code breaker for a near fall. 

Jericho instructed Chioda to turn around while he used a baseball bat on Cassidy. Chioda took the bat away from Jericho. Cassidy hit a Michinoku driver and an Orange Punch. 

Santana and Ortiz ran in, brawling with Best Friends on the stage. Hager ran in and hit a slam on Cassidy while Chioda was distracted by the brawl on the stage. Jericho covered but Cassidy kicked out. 

They traded strikes. Jericho hit a low blow. Cassidy ducked a Judas Effect and used a mousetrap cradle on Jericho for the pin. This was not a smoothly executed finish. 


Taped Dynamites are timed out and paced so much better than live episodes. This was a live episode.