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AEW Dynamite live results: Jon Moxley in action, Tag title match

The AEW World Tag Team Championships will be on the line tonight on Dynamite. 

Champions FTR will defend against the SCU duo of Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian in a 20-minute time limit "Brush With Greatness" match. 

The Inner Circle's Chris Jericho will be in action against Private Party's Isiah Kassidy. 

Orange Cassidy will face Preston "10" Vance of The Dark Order. Cassidy faced Dark Order leader Mr. Brodie Lee for the TNT title on last week's Dynamite in a losing effort. A week after his return to Dynamite, Cody will respond to Lee's challenge to a dog collar match for the TNT Championship. 

Ricky Starks from Team Taz will face Darby Allin. 

Dr. Britt Baker will be in action for the first time since All Out.

A week after retaining the AEW World title against Eddie Kingston, Jon Moxley is set for tonight's show. He will be in action against an opponent of Kingston's choosing. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


Jim Ross, Excalibur and Taz were the announce team. They said that Tony Schiavone was trying to get a word with FTR backstage. 

A video package aired highlighting the Allin/Starks feud. 

A promo aired from Darby Allin's compound where one of his friends promised that Allin would get revenge on Starks. 


Darby Allin defeated Ricky Starks

They worked this like a grudge match for sure. The strikes were snug and the work was good. 

Allin got some shine early with strikes, a suplex on the apron and a suicide dive. 

Brian Cage came out to distract Allin. Will Hobbs came out to take care of Cage and the two brawled to the back. Starks was able to use the distraction to cut off Allin and flip the momentum. 

Allin made a comeback and hit a code red. They traded strikes. Allin hit a backpack stunner. He teased a Coffin Drop off the second rope but Starks caught him with a spear for a two count. 

Starks went for an avalanche finisher. Allin kicked him off and hit a Coffin Drop for the pin. 


The announcers previewed the card. They announced that Moxley vs. the opponent of Kingston's choosing would be for the AEW World title. 


Cody came to the ring for a promo. They cut to commercial before he began speaking.

After the break, Dasha Gonzalez was in the ring to interview Cody. She asked about the status of Cody's injury. 

Cody said Al Snow once told him you always wrestle hurt, but you should never wrestle injured. Cody said his injury is more than physical. 

Cody said it hurt to lose his TNT title in three minutes. While he was off, he got the call from Hollywood to appear on another show. 

Cody said he heard people talking while he was away, talking about being the future and the ace. He said only three people have the right to speak of themselves in that way now: Hikaru Shida, Jon Moxley and Brodie Lee. 

Dasha asked Cody what his answer was to Brodie Lee. Cody said as an EVP, his answer to Lee is no. He left the ring. 

Cody came back to the ring. He said no, as in no regrets, no holding back, next week, he accepts. 

Brodie Lee came to the ring. The locker room emptied and tried to hold the two apart. 

Brandi Rhodes ran in and hit a flip dive off the post onto Dark Order. Anna Jay attacked Brandi. Nyla Rose and KiLynn King jumped the rail and brawled. 

The pull-apart in the ring re-started. Lee retreated to the stage and held the TNT title aloft. 


Schiavone was backstage with FTR and Tully Blanchard. 

Cash said they did Best Friends a favor last week by refusing their challenge. He called Best Friends glorified backyard wrestlers and participation trophy guys. He said SCU are different and deserving of a shot. 

Schiavone asked Dax about The Young Bucks. Dax referenced Dave Meltzer and said that if stars from Dave constitute a title match, maybe The Bucks could get a match at some point. 

Matt Jackson entered and hit a superkick to Tony. Nick was not there but they acted like he was just off-camera. 

Dax and Cash called Matt out for kicking Schiavone instead of them. 


Dasha was with SCU. They promised to win the titles tonight, then made their way to the curtain. 

Shawn Spears was waiting for SCU at the curtain and mockingly wished them luck. 

The Tag title match is next. 


Hangman Page joined the commentary desk. 

AEW World Tag Team Championship match: FTR (w/Tully Blanchard) defeated SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian w/Christopher Daniels) to retain the titles

This was excellent. 

Dax and Kaz began, trading holds. Kaz hit a lariat and tagged Sky. Sky hit a dropkick for a one count. Cash blind-tagged in and faced off with Sky. 

Sky and Cash did a series of drop-downs and leapfrogs. Cash feigned a trip from Daniels on the floor and the ref ejected Daniels. 

Dax and Cash had some miscommunication and ended up on the outside. Kazarian missed a baseball slide but Sky hit a tope con giro to both members of FTR. 

FTR cut Sky off with a lariat on the outside before throwing him back in. FTR were in control, working over Sky before an ad break. 

Cash missed a charge into the corner. Dax tagged in. Cash took the ref. Sky cradled Dax but the ref was tied up and Sky only got a two count. 

Kazarian tagged in and hit a series of leg lariats on Dax. He fought off an interfering Cash and sent him into Dax. Cash tagged in and ate a northern lights suplex and a fisherman's suplex for a pair of two counts at the ten minute call. 

Cash hit a dropkick on Kazarian into a sunset flip by Dax for a two count. Kazarian hit a German on Dax. Sky tagged in and used a high stack on a cover for a two count. 

SCU tried a double pin on a sunset flip from Kaz and a high cross from Sky but only got two. Sky hit Dax with a cutter for a two count. Dax powerbombed Kazarian. Cash hit a dragon suplex for a near fall. 

Kazarian crotched Cash on the top rope and went for a superplex. Dax interfered. Kazarian countered a doomsday device attempt with a powerslam. 

Sky used a series of cradles for three near falls on Cash. Blanchard interfered by grabbing Cash's hands to block a schoolboy. 

For the finish, Sky tried to suplex Cash into the ring as Cash stood on the apron. Tully tripped Sky and held his foot. Cash covered Sky for the pin. 


They announced an eight-man tournament for an AEW World title shot with the finals at Full Gear. Rey Fenix, Jungle Boy and Kenny Omega were announced for the tournament. 

Page left the commentary table in a huff after Omega was announced for the tournament, as I guess he is still hoping to get back with Omega as a tag team. 


Chris Jericho (w/The Inner Circle) defeated Isiah Kassidy (w/Marq Quen & Matt Hardy)

Jericho gave Kassidy almost the entire match. 

Kassidy got the upper hand right away and Jericho bumped all over the place for him. Kassidy hit a series of strikes and used a magistral cradle for a two count. 

Jericho took a slingshot over the top to the floor. Kassidy teased a dive but Jericho stepped away. Jericho got sent over the barricade where he went at it with Luther. Luther hit a right hand and clotheslined Jericho back over the barricade. 

Kassidy hit a tornillo and a swanton bomb for a near fall. Jericho fired back with right hands and took control of the match before a commercial. 

Kassidy came back and crotched Jericho on the second turnbuckle. Kassidy hit a cutter for a two count. Kassidy avoided a springboard dropkick and hit a springboard stunner for a near fall. 

Kassidy got his knees up on a lionsault, then hit his own lionsault for two. Kassidy hit a codebreaker for another near fall.

Kassidy went for a springboard attack but jumped into a Judas Effect. Jericho then pinned Kassidy. 


Inner Circle jumped in to attack Kassidy after the match. Hardy saved with a chair and cleared the ring. 

Jericho and Hager brawled with Luther and Serpentico after the match. 


Miro and Kip Sabian were at an arcade and an ax throwing place for Sabian's bachelor party. Miro was upset because he wanted Sabian to have a Rumspringa bachelor party but he can't because of the pandemic. 

Billy Mitchell offered to help Miro throw Kip Sabian a great bachelor party. Apparently Mitchell is a legendary arcade game player. 


Dasha was with Best Friends backstage. FTR entered. They said there's a spot on the card for Best Friends as a comedy relief act, but they're top guys. 

Orange Cassidy called FTR weenies. 


Orange Cassidy (w/Best Friends) defeated 10 (w/Colt Cabana, John Silver & Alan Angels)

10 mocked Cassidy's pockets spot. 

10 hit a spinebuster and a pump kick before sending him into the barricade. Dark Order mocked the Best Friends hug spot, but that allowed Cassidy to hit a dive off the post. 

Cassidy hit Orange Punch and a Beach Break for the pin. 


MJF and Wardlow brought Jericho a gift in the Inner Circle's dressing room. MJF had jackets for everyone but Sammy Guevara. 

MJF swore on his mother's life that he didn't leave Sammy out intentionally. MJF said he was just there to congratulate Jericho on his win. 

Jericho asked MJF if he wanted to join the Inner Circle. MJF asked if Jericho wanted him to join. They went back and forth on the same point for a while. 

MJF and Wardlow left. Guevara called MJF a loser, but Jericho said perhaps he's not a loser. 

I like whatever this slow burn thing they're doing with Jericho and MJF is. 


Dr. Britt Baker (w/Reba) defeated Red Velvet

This was a little bit more than a squash as Velvet got some early offense. Both ladies had a good showing. 

Velvet hit a leg lariat and a bulldog for a two count. Baker used a hammerlock to set up a clothesline. Baker hit a butterfly suplex and some taunting kicks. 

Baker used a misdirection spot to set up a slingblade. Baker hit a neckbreaker and a curb stomp for the pin. 


Baker used Lockjaw after the match. 


Jericho & Hager vs. Luther & Serpentico, Will Hobbs vs. Brian Cage for the FTW Championship, Brodie Lee vs. Cody for the TNT title in a dog collar match were announced for next week. 


Kingston came to the ring with Penta El Zero M, Rey Fenix and referee Bryce Remsburg before a commercial break.

Kingston cut a promo. He said he fought Moxley for the title last week. Moxley put him in a bulldog choke but Kingston never tapped out. 

Kingston said Moxley went to Tony Khan, or TK as the kiss-asses call him, and got an open contract for this week. 

Kingston said before he reveals Moxley's opponent he had to ask Remsburg why he called for the bell last week. Remsburg said they go way back and are friendly but when they're at work, it's Remsburg's job to protect Kingston from himself. 

Penta, Fenix and Kingston began to menace Remsburg. Moxley's music hit and he ran in for the save with a barbed wire bat. 

Kingston called for Moxley's music to be cut and introduced Mox's opponent, The Butcher. 


AEW World Championship match: Jon Moxley defeated The Butcher to retain the title

These guys were in a tough spot. There's just not a lot Butcher can do. 

The Butcher dominated the first part of the match with lots of clubbing, clobbering and squeezing. He went after Moxley's left leg. 

Moxley made a comeback and got a cross armbreaker. Butcher slid to a single-leg crab, then hit some punches from Mox's guard. 

Butcher hit a powerslam for a two count before going back to the single-leg crab. Moxley blocked a powerslam. Butcher blocked a Paradigm Shift. Butcher tried for a stretch muffler but couldn't quite figure out how to put it on. 

Moxley rolled outside. Butcher missed a charge and got sent into the barricade. Back inside, they traded strikes. Butcher hit something resembling a crossbody for a two count. 

Butcher hit a uranage and a legdrop for a near fall. Moxley hit a superplex but Butcher grabbed his leg on landing. Moxley fought off another crab attempt. 

Moxley hit a piledriver for a two count. Butcher blocked another superplex and hit a crossbody off the second rope for a two count. 

Moxley ducked a lariat and hit a Paradigm Shift. He followed up with a bulldog choke and Butcher tapped.