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AEW Dynamite live results: World title eliminator first round matches

Excalibur, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone welcomed us to the show. 

World title eliminator tournament first round: Wardlow defeated Jungle Boy

A fun opener.

Jungle Boy got some shine with a series of kicks and dropkicks. Wardlow cut him off after an attempted rana off the apron failed. 

Wardlow worked Jungle Boy over. Jungle Boy made a comeback with a backstabber, tope suicida, tope rope rana and a double knee drop off the top for a near fall. 

Wardlow cut Jungle Boy off again, then hit a massive F-10 for the pin. 


After the announcers previewed the rest of the card, they aired an incredible promo that Eddie Kingston cut on Jon Moxley after last week's Dynamite. 

Kingston ripped on Moxley for making millions of dollars in the land of entertainers while leaving Kingston behind. Kingston said he would die for pro wrestling and he's going to make Moxley quit. 

Moxley vs. Kingston in an I Quit match was announced for Full Gear. 


Moxley cut a pre-taped promo on Kingston. He said he wouldn't apologize for making enough money to buy his mom a house. He promised to beat Kingston so badly he'd either get his old friend back or beat him into submission. 


Omega got a total heel entrance for his tournament match. He had dancing girls with brooms and Justin Roberts listed all of his Observer and Pro Wrestling Illustrated accolades. 

World title eliminator tournament first round: Kenny Omega defeated Sonny Kiss

Omega won a squash in seconds after hitting a v-trigger and a One-Winged Angel. 


Tony Schiavone interviewed Orange Cassidy about his upcoming TNT title match with Cody. 

Cassidy spoofed Bill Belichick and downplayed his loss to Brodie Lee in his last TNT title shot. 


Dasha interviewed Cody and Arn Anderson as they arrived at the building. 

Cody said he heard there may be a stipulation added to his TNT title defense against Cassidy next week. He said he gained weight on his hiatus because even though it's a light heavyweight company, if you look at the opponents he has faced, he's practically AEW's giant killer and it was time to go into heavyweight mode. 

I'm not sure if this was supposed to be a subtle heel promo but it sure came off as one. 


Kingston cut another promo on Moxley. He said he hates what he's become, but he had to become a snake. He said being a nice guy got him nowhere, but his current attitude has gotten him to a world title match on PPV. 


World title eliminator tournament first round: Rey Fenix defeated Penta El Zero M

Excellent match. They got a decent amount of time but they really could have gone longer. A big chunk of this happened during an ad break. 

There was a scary moment where Fenix landed awkwardly on the mat after a top rope rana. Ref Aubrey Edwards was checking with him every few seconds for the next minute or so as he appeared out of it. 

Just two of the very best guys in the world having a state of the art match. They traded kicks and the advantage. Fenix hit a tornillo off the post. Penta missed a chop and punched the post. 

After the top rope rana, Penta took over. They traded a series of near falls. Fenix hit a destroyer for the pin. 


A video package recapped last week's issues between Miro & Kip Sabian and Best Friends. Best Friends said they didn't mean to destroy Sabian's arcade game. 


Alex Marvez interviewed Colt Cabana, Alex Reynolds and John Silver about Dark Order's big matches tonight. Reynolds said that Mr. Brodie Lee taught them to overcome adversity. 

Silver did some of his BTE shtick but it didn't translate as well in this setting. 


World title eliminator tournament first round: Hangman Page defeated Colt Cabana

A nice little back and forth match. This was Page's best singles outing in quite a while. 

Page showed off some of his power spots. Cabana cut him off and worked him over through an ad break. The timing on the commercial breaks on these shows is just brutal. 

Page avoided a Chicago Skyline and kicked out of a Superman pin. Page teased a Buckshot Lariat but Cabana stepped away. Page then hit the Buckshot for the pin. 


A video recapped Sammy Guevara beig revealed as Matt Hardy's mystery attacker. 


Team Taz came to the stage for a promo. 

Taz said Team Taz has two problems, Will Hobbs and Darby Allin. 

Taz said he hasn't heard back from Hobbs since offering him a spot on Team Taz and he needs an answer. 

Taz said he talked to Tony Khan today and learned that if Starks had beaten Allin weeks ago it would be Starks wrestling for the TNT title at Full Gear. Taz said that burns his ass. 

Starks cut a great promo on Allin from there. Starks has a polish and a presence about him that is special. 


Le Dinner Debonair

MJF and Jericho were at their steak dinner. They did some one upsmanship regarding their steak temperatures. 

From there, they broke into a "Me and My Shadow" song and dance routine. They changed the lyrics to the song to rip on all of the babyfaces in the company. This was a full blown musical. 

There will be a town hall next week with Tony Schiavone moderating to discuss whether or not MJF should join Inner Circle. 

The reaction to this is going to be polarizing. I thought it was funny. It also did not make me interested in seeing them team with or wrestle each other at any point. 

Regardless, seek this out and make your own determination. It's one of the most unique segments to air on wrestling TV in decades. 


Hey, it's the bottom of the 9 p.m. hour, must be time for the one women's segment on the show. 

Britt Baker defeated KiLynn King

Baker won a rather stiff squash after hitting a flatliner, a curb stomp and using Lockjaw for the submission. 


Hangman Page vs. Wardlow and Kenny Omega vs. Rey Fenix, Tay Conti vs. Abadon, Cody vs. Orange Cassidy in a TNT Championship lumberjack match and an Inner Circle town hall were announced for next week. 

Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara in The Elite Deletion was announced for Full Gear. 

Darby Allin vs. the TNT Champion, Moxley vs. Kingston in an I Quit match for the AEW title and FTR vs. the winners of tonight's main event for the AEW Tag titles were announced for Full Gear. 


Steve-O appeared in a Darby Allin vignette. 

Allin rolled down a skateboard halfpipe in a body bag.


Video from last night's Dark where Kingston brought The Bunny back to the Butcher and Blade act aired as Butcher and Blade entered for the main event. 

The main event is next. 


FTR joined commentary for this match. 

Number one contender match for the AEW Tag Team titles: The Young Bucks defeated Private Party (w/Matt Hardy), Butcher & Blade and Alex Reynolds & John Silver

This was a very good match, just fifteen straight minutes of solid action. The tag division should be the in-ring calling card for AEW. 

The Bucks dominated the opening stretch. Nick and Kassidy had a nice exchange. Butcher and Blade broke things up. It was then Private Party's time to shine as Quen ran absolutely wild. 

At the first commercial break, Sammy Guevara jumped the barricade and attacked Matt Hardy. 

Silver and Reynolds tried to recruit Butcher and Blade during the match. Bunny jumped on the apron to distract them and Butcher and Blade remained in control. 

Silver and Reynolds then had their opportunity in the spotlight as Silver ran around the entire ringside area delivering strikes. 

Quen and Kassidy hit Silly String on Reynolds. Butcher and Blade hit their finisher on Kassidy. In each instance, The Young Bucks were forced to jump in and break up the pin. 

The Bucks and Private Party were in for the closing sequence. 

Nick teased a Meltzer Driver on Kassidy. Quen pulled him off the apron. 

Kassidy rolled up Matt for what looked to be the finish. Instead, Matt reversed the cradle and pinned Kassidy. 


FTR went to the ring after the match and offered Matt and Nick beer. Matt and Nick slapped the beers away. 

A masked man jumped in and attacked The Bucks with a chair. The masked man hit a spike piledriver off the second rope on Nick. 

Cash then Pillman-ized Matt's left leg with a chair. 

Referees ran in and FTR and Blanchard retreated to the stage as the show ended.