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AEW Dynamite live results: World title eliminator semifinals

The show opened with a backstage interview segment. 

Dasha Gonzalez asked MJF what it would mean to him if Wardlow were to win the AEW World title. MJF said that Wardlow is under contract to him and if Wardlow wins, MJF becomes AEW Champion. MJF asked Wardlow to confirm that. Wardlow looked annoyed, but agreed. 

Sammy Guevara entered and MJF did his condescending fake friend bit with Sammy. Sammy told him to cut the sh*t. MJF said Sammy looks like he sells adderall to middle schoolers. 

Sammy said he was going to keep MJF out of the Inner Circle. MJF dared him to step up and do something about it. Guevara took a step forward and MJF begged off. 


AEW World title eliminator semifinal: Hangman Page defeated Wardlow

Page was on fire here. An excellent performance. 

Page fired off a shotgun dropkick at the opening bell. The action spilled to the floor. 

Wardlow speared Page through the barricade and went on offense. Page came back with an armbar over the ropes. Wardlo suplexed Page back in. Wardlow missed a senton bomb. 

Page clotheslined Wardlow to the floor and hit a moonsault off the post. Back inside, Page hit a standing shooting star. Wardlow kicked out at one. 

Wardlow blocked the Buckshot Lariat and hit his own clothesline for a near fall. Wardlow hit the F-10 but Page rolled to the floor before Wardlow could make a cover. 

Page hit a fall-away slam off the top rope. Two Buckshot Lariats later, Page covered for the pin. 


The announcers previewed the rest of the show. 


A Jon Moxley promo video aired. Moxley said there was no room for an excuse-making Eddie Kingston in this AEW. He said AEW is for the best athletes who put in the work. He said he's made the AEW title the richest prize in sports and Kingston should protect his neck. 


Kingston, Butcher, Blade and Bunny came to the ring. They showed a highlight from Dark in an inset and explained that The Bunny had maxed out QT Marshall's credit cards. 


After an ad break, Kingston cut a promo in the ring. He called Moxley a coward for not being there tonight. 

Kingston reminded us that he was never eliminated from the Casino Battle Royale at All Out and that Matt Sydal was the Joker in that match. Sydal entered for the next match. 

Eddie Kingston defeated Matt Sydal

They opened with some chain wrestling. Sydal hit a spin kick and a sliding dropkick in the corner. He tried another kick but Kingston caught it and slammed him. Kingston was in control before a commercial. 

After the break, Sydal made his comeback. Sydal hit a flying headscissors with Kingston seated on the top rope. 

Kingston hit a kitchen sink to cut Sydal off, then used Moxley's bulldog choke to submit Sydal. 


Young Bucks/FTR interview

Excalibur and The Young Bucks were in one location, FTR and Tully Blanchard in another. 

Excalibur asked Matt about his ankle injury, diagnosed as a severe sprain and a contusion. Matt said he'll be at Full Gear. 

Dax said he's not afraid of internet backlash and FTR will do what they have to do. 

Matt explained the heelish actions of The Bucks of late. He said sometimes good people do bad things. He said The Bucks have been missing an edge and when FTR started screwing with and manipulating their friends, it lit a spark under them. 

Excalibur asked Nick to dive deeper on that. FTR got agitated and walked out on the interview. 

Nick said that Matt had proposed a stipulation and he wasn't sure how he felt about it. 

Matt said that if they lose at Full Gear, they will never challenge for the AEW Tag titles again. 

As a next step in the story, this was fine. 


The Inner Circle Town Hall

Dasha Gonzalez and Tony Schiavone were the moderators. 

Inner Circle entered first. Jake Hager was absent and the announcers explained that he's training for an MMA fight. 

MJF then entered. 

Luchasaurus asked the first question. He asked MJF how he would keep the earnings potential strong for The Inner Circle. MJF showed a chart that demonstrated how the earnings would go up with him in the group. 

Reba and Britt Baker asked the next question. Reba fawned over Jericho. Baker asked Jericho about MJF's poor track record when it comes to friendships. Jericho said he's not a dipsh*t like Cody and he won't let MJF into the true Inner Circle, and if he tries to turn on them, they'll knock his teeth down his throat. 

MJF said that they all got into this business for money and championships, and that together, he and Inner Circle would make a lot of green and win a lot of gold. 

Eric Bischoff entered and asked what MJF could do for The Inner Circle, what The Inner Circle could do for him. 

In phrasing the next part of his question, Bischoff said that he's worked with Jericho and that he's a prima donna. He said MJF has a lot of the same traits and how would they get along without destroying each other. 

Jericho told MJF to answer the question. MJF said Jericho can't be serious and what hasn't MJF done? 

Jericho said MJF hasn't beaten him. 

Jericho said he's going to give MJF a shot to beat him at Full Gear. If MJF wins, he's in. 

Ortiz then grabbed the mic. He said he and Sammy are out on MJF and even if he wins, he'll never be in with them. He said Santana is somewhere in the middle. 

Ortiz then announced himself and Guevara vs. MJF and Wardlow for next week. 


A Team Taz video played. They're still waiting for an answer from Will Hobbs as to whether he will join their group. 


Orange Cassidy entered with Best Friends for the TNT title match before a commercial. 


TNT Championship lumberjack match: Cody defeated Orange Cassidy to retain the title

The story here was that the babyface lumberjacks had their loyalties split, while the heels were just there to create chaos. 

Cody got into it with Best Friends on the floor. Trent hit Cody with a right hand and allowed Cassidy to establish an early advantage. Cassidy hi t a delayed vertical suplex. 

Cody cut Cassidy off and hit a biel. He used a single-leg crab in working Cassidy over during a break. After the commercial, Cody hit a superplex off the post onto a bunch of lumberjacks as the lumberjacks fought amongst themselves. 

Cassidy hit a stundog millionaire and a tornado DDT for a near fall. He followed with Beach Break for another two count. 

Some of the lumberjacks took the referee. John Silver jumped in and hit a pump kick on Cassidy. Cody didn't see the kick but took advantage of it, as he hit Cross Rhodes and pinned Cassidy. 


Darby Allin watched all of this from the upper deck of the building. 


Kip Sabian and Miro approached Best Friends backstage. They offered them presents and said they were sorry for overreacting when Best Friends broke their arcade game. 

Penelope Ford entered dressed as Orange Cassidy for Halloween. 

All of this was a ruse. Miro and Sabian attacked Best Friends. Miro said he will never forgive Best Friends. 


Serena Deeb cut an inset promo before the match. She said the belt represents legacy, tradition and respect. She said she changed the game and she'll show you why you should respect her. 


NWA World Women's Championship match: Serena Deeb defeated Leyla Hirsch to retain the title

They kept this simple but it was very good. A great example of a veteran walking a talented rookie through a match. 

Hirsch used a variety of holds in attacking Deeb's left arm. There was a commercial break in the middle of the match. 

After the break, Hirsch hit a pump knee and a German suplex. Hirsch missed a moonsault. Deeb pounced right away and hit two neckbreakers. 

Deeb then used an arm capture single-leg crab and Hirsch tapped out. 


Alex Marvez asked Hikaru Shida about the number one contender to her title, Nyla Rose. He said Rose is refusing to wrestle until she gets a title match. 

Shida said "Nyla, you want me? I want you at Full Gear." 

So that's a new Full Gear match. 


Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard) defeated VSK

The only move of the match was a C4 from Spears. Spears pinned VSK. 


After the match, Spears pulled a guy in a bull costume out of the crowd and into the ring. The bull unmasked and revealed Scorpio Sky. Sky hit a TKO on Spears to further their angle. 


John Silver vs. Orange Cassidy was announced for the Full Gear Buy In. 

Miro vs. Trent, Spears vs. Sky, plus Cody & Gunn Club vs. Colt Cabana, Ten and Silver were announced for next week. Jericho will also be on commentary next week. 

The main event is next. 


Omega had his dancing broom girls wearing Penta and Fenix masks for his grand entrance. 

AEW World title eliminator semifinal: Kenny Omega defeated Penta El Zero M (w/Rey Fenix)

Super main event. 

Omega took off his shirt to reveal the AAA Mega title he won from Rey Fenix. This pissed off Penta and Fenix. 

Omega and Penta had a chop battle to start. Omega then began laying in heavier strikes. Penta fired back with a heavy palm strike to the chest and a chop. Penta hit a backstabber and a tope con giro. Penta sold his knee after landing the tope. 

Penta posted Omega's right arm. Omega kicked at Penta's left leg. They brawled into the crowd during a commercial break. 

Back inside, Omega hit a kotaro krusher. He followed with a terminator dive. Omega celebraed the dive too long and Penta recovered. Penta hit a kick and a crossbody off the post to the floor. 

Penta missed a double stomp off the top but hit a slingblade for a two count. Penta hit a double stomp with Omega caught up in the corner. 

Omega hit two snap dragon suplexes. Penta blocked a third. Omega hit a powerbomb and a v-trigger for a near fall. Penta avoided a One-winged Angel. Omega hit a leg lariat and a v-trigger. 

Omega teased a top rope dragon suplex but Penta blocked. Omega teased a suplex to the ramp but Penta blocked. Penta hit a destroyer on the ramp. In the ring, Penta hit a package piledriver for a great near fall. 

Omega blocked a pumphandle driver. Penta hit an enzuigiri. Omega blocked a slingblade attempt with a v-trigger. Penta fought off another attempt at the One-winged Angel and used a Fujiwara armbar to wrench back on Omega's right arm. 

They traded strikes. Penta hit a superkick. Penta tried a springboard attack but Omega hit a v-trigger. 

Omega then connected with the One-winged Angel and pinned Penta to advance to the tournament final at Full Gear.