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AEW Fight for the Fallen live results: Young Bucks vs. Rhodes brothers

AEW presents their third show in company history tonight as Fight for the Fallen is held at Daily's Place Amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Young Bucks will take on Cody & Dustin Rhodes in the main event of the show. The match was set up after Cody vs. Dustin at Double or Nothing, with Dustin agreeing to be Cody's tag partner.

Kenny Omega will take on CIMA in a singles match, and Brandi Rhodes will make her AEW in-ring debut against Allie.

Hangman Page is taking on Kip Sabian. Ahead of his match against Page at All Out to determine the first AEW World Champion, Chris Jericho will have a "live mic" at tonight's show.

Also set for tonight's main card: Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin & Joey Janela vs. MJF, Sammy Guevara & Shawn Spears, The Lucha Bros vs. SoCal Uncensored's Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian, and The Dark Order vs. Angelico & Jack Evans vs. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy (winning team advances to All Out for a shot at a first-round bye in AEW's Tag Team title tournament).

Fight for the Fallen is benefiting Jacksonville's Victim Assistance Advisory Council. The 45-minute pre-show will begin at 7:30 p.m. Eastern time and will feature Britt Baker & Riho vs. Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestley and Sonny Kiss vs. Peter Avalon.

The show will air for free on B/R Live in the United States and Canada and will be available to purchase via Fite TV elsewhere. The pre-show will also stream on YouTube.


Excallibur and Alex Marvez are doing commentary, at least for The Buy In. No Goldenboy, which makes me sad.


Sonny Kiss pinned Peter Avalon (w/Leva Bates)

Avalon tried cutting a pre-match promo, but Kiss' entrance cut it off. Kiss was accompanied by the Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders and mascot.

The fans really liked Kiss as he shined early. Avalon cut him off by grabbing his leg on a superkick and throwing Kiss down into the splits. Avalon hit a really nice dropkick to the sternum. Avalon threw Kiss outside, expecting Leva to do some sort of shenanigans, but Leva just picked Sonny up and rolled him back in the ring. Sonny broke into his comeback, which included a standing moonsault, called the Twerksault. Avalon missed a middle rope moonsault and was pinned after a middle rope split legdrop, which was the same move Christy Hemme used when she wrestled, just from the middle rope.


Cody and Dustin Rhodes cut a backstage promo. Cody said they are happy to donate money to the victims of gun violence. Cody wasn't sure if you could control the pace of the Young Bucks, but what happens when the Rhodes' grab a body part. Young Bucks may be new school, but they are old school.

Dustin said he personally will power slam them both so hard that their souls will leave their bodies and will only be as good as they let him.

The interviewer asked Cody if he is 100% after the chair shot from Shawn Spears at Fyter Fest. Cody said if he wasn't he wouldn't be here. But tonight he will prove that The Brotherhood is better than The Bucks.


Shoko Nakajima & Bea Priestley defeated Dr. Britt Baker & Riho

Bea and Shoko both came out with their championship belts, representing STARDOM and Joshi-Pro respectively. The only person in this match who felt like a babyface the entire time was Riho. Nakajima and Priestley were pretty good heels and Baker was definitely coming across as heelish.

The Doctor got confused early on and tried to tag in Nakajima, instead of Riho. The fans briefly let her hear about that. Priestley stomped down on the elbow of Riho, similar to Shayna Baszler would. Despite being 4'11, Nakajima worked well as a heel, even though in the opening salvo the fans were more behind her than Baker. Nakajima hit a Missile Dropkick that sent Baker across the ring and let her make the hot tag to Riho. The match broke down into a 4-way. After Priestly and Baker punched out their smaller foes, they dragged their partners to the corners to tag themselves in. The fans were really into Baker and Priestley going after each other. Priestley used a double springboard knee that looked like it smacked Baker right in the face. Riho hit a really nice Northern Lights Suplex and a Double Foot Stomp for a pair of 2 counts. Nakajima missed a senton, but pinned Riho after a step-up Hurricarana.

The match was sloppy at points, but the fans were into it the whole way. After the match Priestley and Baker went at it, but got pulled apart.

During this match there were technical problems for about 5 minutes where closed captioning appearing on the screen, even for people not clicking on it and being unable to remove it.


Kip Sabian said he's not here just to sit around and be happy to collect his checks and fill a spot, but he's here to prove a point. Sabian looked directly at the camera, saying he has no animosity towards Adam Page. However he has a problem that it seems like Page gets preferential treatment by being a member of The Elite. He doesn't want to talk about Kip, he's obsessed with Jericho at All Out. Sabian said he hopes Page wins because that means he'll be first in line after he beats Page tonight.

Good promo.


JR came out to join the announce team.


MJF, Sammy Guevara & "The Chairman" Shawn Spears defeated Jimmy Havoc, Darby Allin & Joey Janela

Spears and MJF argued from the start, with Spears mockingly clapping when MJF was being worked over early on. Neither would tag each other constantly tagging out to Guevera. We had some good, solid wrestling from all 6 in the match. Allin was really over with this crowd when he demanded to be tagged in when Spears was in the ring. Spears got heat when he walked off and tagged out. Guevera flipped off Allin, so Darby tried to break his arm. Excalibur mentioned that Janela trained by getting into a fight with “the absolute scum of the Earth at a Blink-182 concert”.

Spears finally stayed in the ring for a prolonged period when Janela was down. Spears blindtagged himself in, so MJF blindtagged himself in. MJF mocked Spears by doing the Tye Dillinger “10” handsign, before flipping him off. Shockingly that did not endear him to his partner and this led to Janela making the hot tag to Havoc. At one point Spears was in the corner, Havoc sent MJF shoulder first into Spears and then stood on MJF and did a superplex to Guevara. Everyone hit a big move on everyone. Guevara looked great with a series of dives out each side of the ring and used a Spanish Fly in the ring. Janela laid out Guevara with a Death Valley Driver on the apron and then specifically gave a middle finger to Jim Cornette, calling him out by name. Finally Spears pinned Allin with a running Death Valley Driver in the ring.


NFL Pro Bowler/Jacksonville Jaguar Calais Campbell, AEW Owner Shahid Khan, Private Party and two of the sponsors were shown and named at ringside.

Alex Jebailey from CEO was sitting in the front row and got kicked out for some reason.


Brandi Rhodes (w/Awesome Kong) pinned Allie

Before the match started, Brandi shook Allie's hand and held it until Awesome Kong's music played. Kong stood in Brandi's corner. Allie got the better of Brandi early, but rolled out of the ring to confront Kong, which allowed Brandi to hit a sliding dropkick and take over. This was more than passable. Allie looked good as always and Brandi held her own. Allie used a reverse neckbreaker where she yanked Brandi down by the hair, which can never feel good. Brandi used a tornado snap suplex, which looked a bit awkward, but it did the trick. Allie used the Best Superkick Ever and a running Death Valley Driver, but Kong yanked Brandi out of the ensuing cover. Allie tapped out Brandi with a Dragon Sleeper, but Kong was distracting the referee. Brandi then hit the Bionic Spear for the win.

After the match Brandi and Kong put the boots to Allie. Kong went for the Implant Buster, but they were interrupted by Aja Kong! The All Japan Women's legend marched to the ring and went face to face with Awesome Kong. The referees all hit the ring and Brandi was able to pry Awesome Kong away. Aja helped Allie to her feet and they walked away.


The Dark Order defeated Jack Evans & Angelico and Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy (w/Marko Stunt)

It took until the start of the match for them to distinguish with Dark Order member is Stu Grayson and which is Evil Uno. Grayson was working over Angelico and was going for a big blow, but Uno insisted on being tagged in so he could chomp on Angelico's ear. Uno then gave Jungle Boy the what's what, so Luchasaurus tagged in for the square off of the big men. Uno cowered away and tagged out to Evans. Evans psyched himself up and got laid out. Eventually Dark Order took over on Jungle Boy, which included a back suplex on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring and a slingshot Swanton by Grayson.

Dark Order was being the best team here, taking out everyone waiting for tags, including yanking both Evans and Angelico off the apron when Jungle Boy went for a tag. Uno mocked Luchasaurus too much, so it gave Boy a chance to get through him and make the tag to his partner. Luchasaurus is incredibly athletic, especially considering his size. He chokeslammed Evans over the top rope on top of Angelico, which was followed by Boy doing a Shooting Star Press onto them. Angelico gave Boy the running BT Bomb and appeared to be seconds away from victory when Bryan Alvarez's hated nemesis, Marko Stunt, hit the ring and gave Evans a Hurricarana. The referee threw him out, so Luchasaurus heaved Stunt onto Angelico. Luchasaurus and Boy did this amazing double team power bomb on Evans. Uno finally pinned Boy with Fatality, which is a double team Blockbuster.

Dark Order will now face Best Friends at All Out with the winners getting a Bye in the AEW Tag Team Title Tournament. I am nitpicking, but my one gripe with this match would be that Dark Order took part in too much of the ha ha at the beginning. Since Double or Nothing they were pushed as this ultimate, serious, evil alliance and they were shown to be anything but.


Hangman Page pinned Kip Sabian

The story of this match was Page was fighting through a knee injury, while Sabian took an incredible amount of punishment but still kept kicking out.

Page and Sabian went strike for strike in a battle to see who would knock the other off their feet first. Page won that with a rolling elbow. Hangman sold his knee during the match, but did break out a really nice bridging Pump Handle Suplex. Sabian used a Springboard Missile Dropkick more than halfway across the ring, which was nice. Sabian used a Double Footstomp and the a Senton when he landed, which was unique. Page used a belly to belly overhead suplex that nearly dropped Sabian on top of his head. Sabian was bleeding from the elbow somehow, but Page took his head off with a discus lariat. Sabian took his own back suplex on the ring apron, which is still the hardest part of the ring. Excalibur pointed out the ring post is harder, just as Page hit a beautiful moonsault off the top rope to the floor.

Page then gave Sabian a power bomb over the top rope and onto the ramp leading from the tunnel. No one, including the production crew, were expecting that. Sabian got in at the count of 9. Wasn't it a 20 count countout at Double Or Nothing? They teased a time limit draw until Page hit the Dead Eye just after 19 minutes for the pin.

Both men worked hard and it was a good match, but much like the 4-way at Fyter Fest, the fans didn't believe Page was going to lose so it hurt the heat for this match. Plus it didn't help that it was a humid night in this outdoor show.

One of the Dark Order's minions came in and attacked Page. Everyone pretty much knew who it was. Then when we got a Codebreaker it was obvious. It was Rhino.

No, it was Chris Jericho, who also gave Page the Judas Effect.


Lucha Brothers defeated Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky of SoCal Uncensored (w/Christopher Daniels)

In case I forget to mention this, Aubrey Edwards is an excellent referee and has no problem believably exercising her authority in these matches.

Scorpio and Pentagon did a series of one-upsmanship at the start of the match, with Pentagon shouting “Cero Miedo” and Scorpio shouting “SCU”. That ended soon enough as we resumed the serious portion of our match. Daniels was interfering with Fenix and Pentagon's offensive attempts, so they gave the Fallen Angel one of the hardest chops you've heard today. Daniels, who is not in the match, did a moonsault onto both Lucha Brothers outside the ring. Aubrey didn't disqualify him, but instead kicked him out of ringside. Unlike Marko Stunt, he listened.

SCU got the heat on Fenix. Not a whole lot to say other than they are an excellent tag team, but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know. Pentagon got the hot tag and the Lucha Brothers took flight. At one point Kazarian was sitting in the corner, Sky got hung up in the Tree of Woe, so Fenix sent Pentagon over with a monkey flip cannonball into their opponents. Scorpio gave Pentagon a cutter on the apron, which is the hardest part of the ring. SCU gave Fenix an assisted DDT off the top rope, which could have easily been the finish. Pentagon jumped from the middle rope to hit a Canadian Destroyer, but Sky kicked out of that. However he didn't kick out of a Double Footstomp/Package Piledriver combination.

After the match the Lucha Brothers laid out a returning Chris Daniels with a ladder they got from under the ring. Pentagon and Fenix challenged the Young Bucks to a Ladder Match at All Out.


Kenny Omega pinned CIMA

Alex Marvez, who has been a lot better on this show, said CIMA was fighting on behalf of 1.4 billion people in China. Well, I guess if Vince ever wants to tap into the Chinese fan base we have our next champion. CIMA was using a lot of hard strikes, while Omega, at least early on, was going a lot more spectacular looking maneuvers. CIMA with a one-foot dropkick right to the nose. Omega got tired of being a punching bag, so he used a Spinning Heel Kick and a running knee to the back of the head. CIMA used a sunset flip power bomb and went for the Meteora, but Omega moved out of the way.

Omega began working on the knees, but he got a gut full of knees when he went for a moonsault. Outside the ring Omega sidestepped a Pescado and then dropped CIMA's knee on the apron. CIMA laid out Omega on the timekeepers table and then dove off the staging area with a Meteora. In the ring CIMA hit two more Meteora's, but Omega kicked out. Omega caught him with another Meteora, hit a snap Dragon Suplex and a V-Trigger for a 2 count. CIMA hit two more Meteoras and then an Air Raid Crash on the ring apron, which, again, is the hardest part of the ring. CIMA hit a 5th Meteora, but Omega got hit foot on the ropes. Omega got a V-Trigger and a Tiger Driver 98 for a close 2 count and then picked up the fall with a One Winged Angel.


Chris Jericho Open Mic

Jericho said he still has Hangman's blood on his hands. He said he has waited for weeks for a thank you from AEW. He realizes that an apology from the idiots in Jerksonville or Jackoffsville doesn't matter. He dared them all to boo so the White Trash Riviera can hear them. Jericho said he'd get his thank you one at a time by beating the crap out of everyone in AEW. He said no one would be here without him, they'd be out on the streets. He created AEW and the tv deal on TNT is also because of him.

Jericho said he watched the battle royal and wondered who he would wrestle at All Out. Would it be the kid with no legs, or Michael Nakazawa or “the Young Bucks cabana boy” Brandon Cutler, who he didn't even know. He said Hangman Page is one of the best in the world and when he beats him it will be another notch on his belt. But if he loses, not only is it the beginning of the end of AEW, but the beginning of the end of his career. He cannot lose to the Hangman. That's why he attacked him tonight and left him in a pool of blood. You can't trust Chris Jericho and he's going to prove it at All Out by becoming the AEW Champion. He's going to prove that without him AEW wouldn't exist. He said he is going to prove that Hangman is a little bitch.

This brought out Hangman Page, who laid out Jericho. Referees, agents and some undercard guys ran in to break it up. SCU, Peter Avalon, Jack Evans and Angelico were among the guys who broke it up. A really good promo to build up the All Out main event.


The Young Bucks defeated The Brotherhood

On a personal standpoint I thought this was one of the best Young Bucks matches I've ever seen, purely from a psychological standpoint. Dustin looked pretty good, which will always be impressive considering he's 50. When the Bucks dumped Cody and Dustin they mocked the Rhodes by tearfully hugging. The Bucks got the heat on Dustin and it was noted that Dustin has been wrestling longer than Matt has been alive. Dustin would have gotten the tag on multiple occasions, but Cody kept being dragged off the apron. Nick mocked Dustin, begging for the tag, so Dustin dropped him with an uppercut.

Both Cody and Dustin used a moonsault and Cody also did a tope to Matt on the ramp. Cody used a reverse superplex and went for a Vertebreaker. Matt got out of that, but he decided to dive shoulder-first into the ring post. Cody and Dustin did what they promised earlier, which was to grab a body part and work it over. Nick finally got the tag and ran wild on his own. Both teams used double submissions, with the Young Bucks using the double Sharpshooter, while the Brotherhood used a double Figure Four. Neither ended the match.

Cody broke up a Meltzer Driver with a Beautiful Disaster kick. The Rhodes' using a double team Cross Rhodes, but it got broken up by Nick. We got the 4-way hockey fight spot, but Cody accidentally elbowed referee Rick Knox. With the ref down we got a double Shattered Dreams on the Bucks. Cody went for a dive to the floor, but got a pair of Superkicks for his trouble. We got more Superkicks. Matt and Nick did Dustin's drop down uppercut, so Cody and Dustin used superkicks, Matt used a Cross Rhodes and then finished off Cody with a Meltzer Driver.

After the match Matt Jackson took the mic and said that everything they said the last few weeks just about competition. He noted he spent years listening to people talking about the myth of the Rhodes family. However they are the best tag team they've ever face.

A lot of the locker room emptied to present a check for $150,000 to the Victim Assistance Advisory Council, which was $110,000 from AEW and money from Kenny, Jebailey and a few others.

Cody asked if when they go to TNT in the fall, will everyone follow them, which made them all cheer. Omega took the mic and thanked the crowd, before bidding adieu to the crowd.


So that will do it from Jacksonville. Thank you all for reading and we'll see you in Chicago for All Out.