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DragonKing Dark: The Beast (666)

The number of the beast. The Biblical book of Revelation warns believers of a coming anti-Christ and of a beast who is given a specific number -- 666. Who or what is the beast? Why should you care (even if you aren't a believer)?

In this episode of DragonKing Dark, host Karl Stern discusses who or what the Beast may be, what 666 may or may not mean, and why some believe that the signs are here now warning us that the emergence of the Beast is near.

Topics covered on today's show --

  • Where does the idea of "The Beast" come from and what exactly does it say?
  • What specifically is the number of the beast? What does it mean?
  • Is the beast a past or future event and why is there disagreement?
  • Why are many Christians fearful of technology and how is it tied to the beast?

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