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It's a trip down memory lane this week on the DKP as we tackle a subject and a man that we should have a long time ago. If we were going to do this we had to do it right, and that meant drafting in one of the most knowledgable wrestling minds we know, Kris Zellner!

Yes, Kris makes his DKP debut to sit down with Alan and talk the career of Rodney Anoa'i aka The Great Kokina aka Kokina Maximus aka YOKOZUNA! One of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, Yoko is remembered fondly by everyone who was around during the height of his fame. But before he even landed in the WWF, Yoko had a very interesting diverse career and we break it all down this week on the DKP.

A really fun show that is chock full of great memories! CHECK IT!!! 

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