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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: The Super Juniors Wrestling Contest!!!

Great news, dear listeners! The DKP returns to F4W shores with a bumper episode blending two of the loveliest things in the world: lovely wrestling and lovely songs!

First up. Mark Robinson joins Alan to preview New Japan's upcoming Best Of The Super Juniors tournament which kicks off this weekend at Korakuen Hall. Mark and Alan run down all of the participants, the key matchups and the most tantalising prospects brought about by this stacked field. It's looking like being the summer of the junior heavyweights in Pro Wrestling this year and it kicks off in a big way with the BOSJ!

Then we move to something...a little bit different! Alan calls up his buddy THE LORCSTER to discuss this past weekend's EUROVISION SONG CONTEST!!! Yes the event that brings Europe together in one campy, harmonious party - this year featuring the world's most splendid man Justin Timberlake!!! A fun show so CHECK IT!!!

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