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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Tozawa-Juku graduation!

With Akira Tozawa's Dragon Gate career coming to a close, we here at the DKP couldn't let the moment pass without marking it in the best way we can.

Alan recruited THE YOUNG BOY Case Lowe (don't worry he went right back to his squats and kitchen chores afterwards) to discuss the journey of Tozawa to this point where he heads to America as WWE's latest signee.

The lads discuss the Tozawa-Juku days, the Metabolic Brothers, Tozawa's US excursion and the incredible matches he had in PWG & DGUSA, and his incredible portfolio of work put together in the last 5 years since he returned to Japan.

If you aren't sure what to expect from Tozawa when he shows up on Monday (and Tuesday) nights, well this is the show for you! CHECK IT!!!

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