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DR. KEITH PRESENTS: Wrestling as medicine!

Hello one and all! Yes, the DKP is still alive and thankfully ol' Alan4L is too!!! After a couple of weeks in the hospital which put our dear show on hiatus, Alan is back with a solo show this week to recap what's been going on in his life.

And of course by that we mean, the absolute swathes of professional wrestling he got to watch in between shots of morphine, operations, and tasty hospital meals (seriously they were REALLY good!!!).

A bit of everything gets covered in this short and snappy 45 minute show. Whether it be PROGRESS in London, CWF Mid-Atlantic in North Carolina, Dragon Gate in Tokyo or Gran Apache baby stealing in Mexico City -- chances are Alan watched it in the hospital and shares his thoughts with you guys this week!

We'll be back on the horse going forward, and this will be a great summer for the DKP! CHECK IT!!!

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