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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Canek

Today on the July Classic Wrestling Marathon, host Karl Stern heads south of the border to Mexico to look at one of his favorite lucha stars, Canek.  

Canek seems to be one of those stars of lucha libre who many in the United States have heard of but know very little about.

While many fans in the US can name off legendary luchadores like Mil Mascaras, El Santo, and Rey Misterio, Canek remains somewhat unknown, yet he was one of the biggest stars of his era in Mexico.

Canek was the top star of the old UWA promotion and faced many legendary stars over the years including Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Lou Thesz, Big Van Vader, and battled for years with Mil Mascaras.

Somehow, he convinced many of the biggest stars in the world to put him over for the UWA World championship starting with Lou Thesz. He fought Hulk Hogan in Mexico for the WWF title and even got to stand tall over Andre the Giant.

Canek was also a star in Japan and still wrestles to this day. On today's show, we finally give Canek his due. 


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