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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Ken Timbs

Who is "Gentleman" Ken Timbs? Today you will find out.

Timbs worked many areas during the 1980s, from Georgia Championship Wrestling to Central States to Southwest to Mexico's EMLL. He was a tag team partner to Eric Embry and had a great program with Lizmark in Mexico. He was also very important in host Karl Stern's pro wrestling journey as well.

Timbs became Karl's mentor in the 1990s and helped him in a variety of situations. Today's show is the story of a man who might not have been a big national star, but did something many wrestlers from his era failed at, he had a great family and had his act together.  

On today's July Classic Wrestling Marathon show, Karl Stern takes a look back at a great all-around wrestler and better all-around person -- Ken TImbs.

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