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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Mil Mascaras

You have probably seen Mil Mascaras before. If not wrestling, then at least on the cover of a magazine or in the WWE Hall of Fame. You have probably read stories about him in your favorite wrestling books, but who is Mil Mascaras really?

On today's episode, Karl Stern takes a look at the career of one of the trinity of wrestling luchadores.

When you mention the greatest luchadores of all time you have to say El Santo, Blue Demon, and today's topic, Mil Mascaras.

Mil Mascaras has wrestled all over the world. Unlike El Santo who stayed mainly in Mexico, Mil Mascaras wrestled frequently in the United States, including Madison Square Garden, and in Japan.  

When you mention great wrestling families you also have to mention Mil Mascaras. He has two brothers who were also stars and his nephew became a world champion in WWE.

The Man of 1000 Masks is the topic of today's July Classic Wrestling Marathon show.

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