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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Marathon: Norvell Austin

This show was a lot of fun for Karl Stern to research and put together. It all started from a research project Karl is doing on Sputnik Monroe. Knowing Norvell Austin only from his time as part of the Midnight Express and the PYT's, Karl discovered just how important a cultural figure Austin was.

Oh yeah, the first Junkyard Dog wasn't Sylvester Ritter either. Learn all about that today.

Austin started his career as a partner to Monroe, a race barrier-breaking Memphis wrestling star. Throughout his career, Austin was part of at least three important tag teams. He teamed with Monroe, with Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose in the original Midnight Express, and with Koko Ware as the Pretty Young Things (PYT Express).  

Join Karl as he looks at the career of Norvell Austin, a wrestler many might not be familiar with, on today's episode of the July Classic Wrestling Marathon.

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