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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: Gotch vs. Hackenschmidt I

We continue the longform history of wrestling series today as we reach one of the biggest milestones in pro wrestling history -- the first Frank Gotch vs. George Hackenschmidt match. We also follow up with what happened next.

Topics covered on this episode:

  • Mailbag -- Why didn't Gotch drop the title and who would it have been to if he would have?
  • The lead-up to Frank Gotch vs. George Hackenschmidt I sees Gotch go on a tear that would make Hulk Hogan blush, wrestling literally every day from one side of the country to the other.
  • Frank Gotch (the American champion) vs. George Hackenschmidt (the World champion) with who won and how.
  • The follow up to Gotch vs. Hackenschmidt I sees Frank have some marital strife before striking out on tour again.
  • Gotch's follow up matches with Tom Jenkins and Fred Beell.
  • The lead-up to the second Gotch vs. Hackenschmidt match.

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