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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: Gotch vs. Hackenschmidt II

Karl Stern's longform history of pro wrestling series continues today, this time looking at the big rematch between Frank Gotch and George Hackenschmidt and the fallout from the biggest match in history up to that point. Who were the big stars following Gotch vs. Hackenschmidt II?

Topics covered on this week's episode --

  • Frank Gotch faces George Hackenschmidt in the big World title rematch in Chicago.
  • The training injury to Hackenschmidt -- who did it?
  • What did Gotch do next after beating Hackenschmidt?
  • Who were the top contenders after Hackenschmidt?
  • The rise of Stanislaus Zbyszko and Ed "Strangler" Lewis.
  • The greatest masked gimmick ever.

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