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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling July Marathon: "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas

"Mr. USA" Tony Atlas was a fixture in the wrestling magazines of Karl Stern's youth. He was massive, and had a likability that made him an excellent babyface.

From Georgia Championship Wrestling to the WWF, Atlas was a big star during the time Karl first became a superfan. His career dropped off quickly in the mid-to-late 1980s due to a variety of factors, but the Atlas of the very early 1980s was amazing.  

Karl didn't have any direct way of seeing Atlas at the time. He seldom got to see Georgia Championship Wrestling when Atlas was hot there, but Karl became a fan of his through the Apter magazines. By the time WWF became syndicated and Karl was able to watch him, the problems had already set in.

Karl got to see Atlas live in Birmingham, Alabama, at a WWF house show during that time and the mystery of this guy who was every bit as big as Hulk Hogan had him hooked.

On today's edition of the Classic Wrestling Marathon, Karl Stern takes a look at the career of "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas.

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