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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: The most incredible retro TV review ever

Oh dear lord, this week's retro wrestling TV review this week is not to be missed.

What happens when you let George Gulas (seen above, left) run a TV wrestling show out of a tiny room? Well, daddy, you get UWA from 1984 which includes the greatest fan ever: Mr. Higgenbothem and his cowboy hat who is tarred of all these dirty wrasslers, a big fat dude in an airbrushed t-shirt and blue jeans and THAT'S HIS GEAR.. and his name is...Peaches. Plus, we get a knock off David Schultz and we can afford one of the Bounty Hunters.

This is probably the most ridiculous show you'll ever see. If you think WWE is bad now, George Gulas says hold my beer.

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