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DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: Strangler Lewis vs. Joe Stecher

The mid-1920s were a wild and crazy time filled with gimmicks, elaborate storylines, and even a few shoots and double crosses. On this edition of the longform history of pro wrestling series, host Karl Stern takes a look at the rivalry between Ed "Stranger" Lewis and Joe Stecher and how Stecher eventually came to work for Lewis. Plus more on Jim Londos, Wayne Munn, and Gus Sonnenberg.

Topics that are covered on today's show:

  • The World title is split into two branches, one with Joe Stecher and the other with Strangler Lewis. How this happened involved a shoot match and a double cross.
  • Strangler Lewis dodges Joe Stecher and no-shows two big title unification matches with him.
  • What happened when they finally met? How did Wayne "Big" Munn and Stanislaus Zbyszko play into it?
  • What was real and what wasn't?
  • The popularity of Jim Londos.
  • The arrival of Gus Sonnenberg.

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