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F4D: 'Filthy' Tom & Sempervive on UFC, #SpeakingOut & NJPW

Recorded live from our mighty Twitch channel, future PFL strongman and former Mongolian Stomper of the UFC, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor joined me for our EXTRA PROFESSIONAL UFC on ESPN 11 post show party...which Josh Roshkopf is not invited to.

"Filthy" fills us in on a few more details about the New Japan Lions Break Collision shows. Plus, we get into the unfortunate wrestling news that seems to breaking by the minute with Tom not shying away from sharing a very personal experience of his own. 

Here's all the details on how you can watch Wrestling Observer Live and other shows every day free on our Twitch stream.


  • UFC on ESPN 11 review, as well as conjectal tactical barbell certifications (00:00-56:20)
  • New Japan Young Lion’s Break Collision talk!(28:03-29:05) (56:20-1:04:00)
  • Talk about the really real world sh*t taking place in pro wrestling and a personal story from Tom (1:04:00-1:21:41)
  • The beach at the ocean vs. the beach at the lake, Calvin Tankman, spiders, and abrupt goodbyes. (1:21:41-1:26:09)

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