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I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco: Kevin 'Mordecai' Thorn

"I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco" is back to kickstart your weekend with former WWE superstar Kevin Thorn, aka Mordecai!

Whether you know him as Thorn or Mordecai, I know him simply as Kevin. Now you can get to know my former OVW and WWE colleague in this candid chat filled with football talk and road stories.

Kevin talks about growing up a Cleveland Browns fan, memories of the Dawg Pound, Bernie Kosar, and the recent moves the current regime has made. We then talk about his switch of allegiance to the Indianapolis Colts, watching Super Bowl XLI with CM Punk and MVP, getting to know Frank Gore, and the Colts' outlook for 2018. 

Throughout the football talk, Kevin sprinkles in road stories about the drinking with the Undertaker, WrestleMania, his match with Hornswoggle, our very own Filthy Tom Lawlor, and more. I even share a story of my own about the first time I ever took a sip of alcohol while in Calgary with Chris Jericho and Dave Bautista!

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