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I Left My Wallet: NFL Draft Companion

"I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco" returns with full first round coverage of the 2018 NFL first round on a special NFL Draft Companion edition of the show.

Join fellow professional wrestler Flex Rumblecrunch and I as we watch the first round of the draft and offer our reactions, thoughts, and opinions on all 32 picks. We also chime in with a potpourri of other topics incluidng sports, wrestling, and much more. Just like the Fight Companions on the Joe Rogan Experience, Flex and I watched the first round in real time as the draft took place, editing it down to each pick so it wasn't a four hour long show.

If you're an NFL draft fanatic, I think you will love this different twist on "I Left My Wallet" as two wrestling buddies sit back, crack a few cold drinks, and discuss the first round as it happens. Enjoy!

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