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Left My Wallet: Antwan Odom, former NFL player and wrestling fan

"Left My Wallet" is back with former Tennessee Titan and Cincinnati Bengals defense end Antwan Odom.

Antwan is my first former NFL player appearing on the show and is on for a good reason: he is a huge wrestling fan, constantly tweeting about wrestling, video games, and football. Antwan and I talk about all three in a fun conversation from a former NFL player's perspective.

The former Alabama defensive lineman and member of Alabama's All-Decade team, talks about what got him into wrestling, his favorites today, his frustration with 50/50 booking, what he's looking forward to at WrestleMania and more.

The talk then shifts into his thoughts on former teammate Frank Wycheck's foray into professional wrestling with TNA and why he and his teammates were taking bets on it. He is also a huge gamer and we delve into his all-time favorite games, what he's playing now, and how you can play against him.

Finally, he drops some knowledge on the current state of the NFL. Hear his thoughts on the Super Bowl, if the Giants should trade Odell Beckham Jr., why his favorite team is the Eagles, his lack of love for the Patriots, and more in an amazing talk that delves deep into some NFL chatter from a man who played in the league for 8 years.

That's not all, though. I am joined for a quick intro by Northeast Wrestling champion Brad Hollister. I trained Brad, a lifelong Titans fan, to talk about Kyrie Irving, Northeast Wrestling, his upcoming match vs. Bandido, some of the veterans who have helped him improve at NEW, winning the title from Jack Swagger, and his brother Pat who's a pro fighter in the lightweight division in Bellator.

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