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Left My Wallet: ECW Original CW Anderson

'Left My Wallet' returns with a fun filled talk about sports and video games with ECW original CW Anderson!

I'm joined by CW and his lifelong best friend Moe, who, by all accounts, is the greatest Madden player on the planet. Check out this fun group chat as CW and Moe talk about their love of all things Madden, why D-Lo Brown and Stevie Richards say Moe is the GOAT at Madden, what Moe did to make Stevie break his controller, what other games they love, Tecmo Bowl talk, and so much more.

We also talk about growing up in North Carolina, the full court that CW had growing up, their favorite NBA and college players, why they bleed Carolina Blue and can't stand Duke, and who they love watching today. We also touch on baseball as CW was drafted as a catcher by the San Diego Padres and his amazing exploits on the baseball diamond and behind the plate. Hear who his favorite players were growing up, his favorite catcher, what can be done to speed up the game, and why he decided to not pursue a career in baseball.

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