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Left My Wallet: Gladys 'Granny' Gibson and Antonio's mom

'I Left My Wallet In Greg Polanco' is back with my special guest Gladys 'Granny' Gibson talking sports, plus the week in sports with my mom!

We start with my mom checking back in with her thought on the NBA Playoffs, the Celtics, why Lebron is an egomaniac, and a soliloquy on athletes giving thanks to their mothers.

Then joining me is special co-host Mark Sterling who was in my first match and is a trainee of Create-A-Pro wrestling school under Curt Hawkins and Pat Buck. He also does the editing for the show and started with me here exactly one year ago. We welcome Granny on the show to talk sports including the sports she played growing up, the Seattle Mariners, Tiger Woods, the Seahawks, her memories of baseball from the 50's, and more.

It's a pleasant, motherly edition of 'Left My Wallet' with the two of the most beloved females on the site.

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