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Left My Wallet: MLB fantasy draft with 'Smart' Mark Sterling

The baseball season is upon us and "Left My Wallet" returns with a live MLB draft companion show to get you primed and ready for the 2019 season.

Join myself and returning co-host "Smart" Mark Sterling as we draft his fantasy team and talk our favorite players, sleeper hitters, draft strategy, teams on the rise and teams on the decline, and more.

We've brought you the NFL and NBA draft companions and now we do something a little different as we draft a fantasy baseball team live on air. Whether you're a casual or diehard baseball and fantasy fan, you will enjoy this unique chat as we make our picks and discuss them. What pitcher do I think will emerge as an AL Cy Young candidate? Which Red Sox player do I despise? Who is the hitter I think will finally break through to his potential?

All those questions and more will be answered in this fun and enjoyable listen with MJF's attorney and the producer of numerous podcasts, "Smart" Mark Sterling.

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