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Left My Wallet: NJPW announcer Mavs Gillis

'Left My Wallet' is back as I speak to New Japan Pro Wrestling's newest and fastest rising young English announcer Mavs Gillis in his first ever podcast appearance.

Hear how Mavs got his start in sports broadcasting in Halifax, what teams he covers, his interview that almost went viral, and some of the up and coming NHL stars he's covered and so much more in his 19 year broadcasting career.

Mavs also talks about how he saw an extremely rare Randy Savage vs. Undertaker house show match at his first ever live event, his love of professional wrestling growing up, being compared to Joey Styles, and his perspective on his broadcasting style.

Finally, he tells of the amazing journey and series of events that led him to become the newest member of the NJPW english announcing team. Hear about his chance meeting at a meet and greet with NJPW president Harold May, what G1 match he called for his demo tape, his experiences with Lanny Poffo, his favorite match he's called and more.

This is a must listen for any New Japan fan to get some insight into one of the brightest young announcing talents in the business today. 

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