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Left My Wallet: ROH's Matt Taven

'I Left My Wallet in Greg Polanco' returns with a conversation I recently had with Ring of Honor star and leader of The Kingdom, Matt Taven. 

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Matt is a fellow homegrown New England talent and we start with his time working for New England Patriots prior to getting into wrestling. Matt explains how he got there, why he isn't a fan of Randy Moss, being around Tom Brady, how it was to interact with many of the players at functions, and a surprising story about the late Aaron Hernandez.

The talk turns to Matt's true sports love: the Boston Celtics. We discuss the lean years with players like Dino Radja, Eric Montross, Marty Conlon, Dominique Wilkins, and Pervis Ellison. We talk about the ongoing Eastern Conference finals with the Cavaliers before closing up with a little wrestling talk and the lineage of New England wrestling.

My Mom is also back to give her take on the Celtics/Cavs series, Lebron, Gronk and Brady, and, yes, polish weddings.You dont want to miss this.

It's another fun and FREE episode of 'Left My Wallet'. Enjoy!

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