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Left My Wallet: Stevie Richards on creating Colby Covington's persona

"Left My Wallet" is back with ECW original and creator of Stevie Richards Fitness, Stevie Richards!

We talked for over an hour with topics ranging from training, nutrition, diets, and more. He talks about why he's a huge advocate of home gyms, his philosophy on kettlebell and body weight training, intermittent fasting, how our perceptions of working out have changed over time, training for pro wrestling as opposed to training for functionaliity of daily life, the evolution of training, and more.

We then get into his relationship with interim UFC welterweight champin Colby Covington. We go in-depth about how he came to start working with Covington, coaching and mentoring him on cutting promos and building his persona, the real life heat between Covington and Tyron Woodley, and how Stevie has got heat and threats from fighters and others in the MMA community for helping Covington.

Enjoy this diversion from our usual sports-specific conversation for a discussion on getting fit and how a budding UFC star was born.

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