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Left My Wallet: WOR's Garrett Gonzales on sports and hip hop

'Left My Wallet' returns for a pre-Wrestlemania weekend show with our very own Garrett Gonzales, fill-in co-host of Wrestling Observer Radio.

Despite losing my voice over the weekend, we go into the wayback machine to discuss his sports roots growing up, as well as his love of the early 80s Golden State Warriors....who weren't quite exactly like the current version.

We also talk our mutual love for the San Francisco 49ers, the trouble the franchise has had since JIm Harbaugh left, their offseason moves, and the outlook for 2019.

The talk then turns to the current Warriors team and Garrett's reasons for the up and down regular season. We also discuss Kyrie and the Celtics' woes, but also why Garrett believes they could make it to the Finals.

We then delve into another mutual love of ours: hip hop! Garrett talks about what got him interested in the genre, his favorites in the 80s and today, the documentary you should check out to get a true sense of the culture and art form, the Bay Area scene, and more.

Finally, we wrap up talking about the seamless transition he has made on the website and the different perspective he brings to Wrestling Observer Radio.

WrestleMania week is here, but its also a busy time in the sports world. Check out the Empire's newest addition to our audio content discuss a few different topics in the world of sports and hip hop.

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