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EVOLVE 82 results: Kyle O'Reilly makes his return

- WWN Champion Matt Riddle defeated Timothy Thatcher (w/ Stokely Hathaway) to retain his title

The crowd was taunting “Trashy Tim” much more than usual tonight. Ground work and holds by Thatcher kept the explosive Riddle controlled early on. After some ground work of his own, Riddle was able to score a victory over the former EVOLVE Champion with the Bromission to the dismay of Hathaway.

- ACH defeated Austin Theory

This was an Impressive showing by the teenager Austin Theory against ACH, who is consistently at a top level. ACH won with a brainbuster.

- Drew Galloway vs. EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. did not officially happen

Galloway was worried that referee DA Brewer would cost him this match like Galloway claimed happened the last time he was in La Boom, so he destroyed Brewer with a headbutt. Sabre ran out to confront Galloway and the fight was on until Ethan Page and The Gatekeepers got involved.

Page was holding Sabre as Galloway made his way to the back to retrieve a sledgehammer, which Galloway wanted to use on the EVOLVE Championship. Keith Lee made the save by plowing through both Gatekeepers and running off Galloway. Page and one Gatekeeper escaped, yet Sabre was able to catch the other one and proceeded to attack his arm with a vicious hold.

- Kyle O’Reilly defeated Keith Lee

The people love Keith Lee in EVOLVE, which set the tone for this match. The referee stopped this at one point due to a low blow on Lee, but the big man asked for the match to be restarted. After the two battled some more, O’Reilly hit a brainbuster and scored the pinfall victory. The crowd was not happy with Lee losing here.

- Chris Dickinson & Jaka defeated Tracy Williams & Fred Yehi to win the EVOLVE Tag Team Championship

Both teams were representing Catch Point and had an excellent match. It took everything Jaka and Dickinson had to put away the former champions. At one point Jaka cleared the guard rail and ended up in the front row on a dive. A huge release powerbomb by Dickinson finished it off and we had new champions.

The two teams shook hands in a show of respect before Larry Dallas appeared to stir the pot, insinuating that Williams was negotiating with Stokely Hathaway to represent Catch Point. Fred Yehi had enough, and snapped and destroyed Dallas with a series of German suplexes. Dallas stayed down in the ring so long that the ring crew rolled him up in the canvas they were changing to prepare for our last man standing main event and simply carried him away.

- Ethan Page defeated Darby Allin in a last man standing match

They had a brutal last man standing match. They fought all over ringside, including Allin doing a stage dive. There were chairs, a shovel, a body bag, and thumbtacks all used in this one.

A Gatekeeper, Austin Theory, and Priscilla Kelly were all caught in the crossfire during the match. Page was busted open and it only made him more vicious. Allin took an incredible amount of punishment, including a package piledriver, a powerbomb while trapped inside a thumbtack-filled body bag, a shovel shot, and multiple chair shots before Page was declared the winner.