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EVOLVE 87 results: Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee

Image: @Jocay19

EVOLVE was back at La Boom in Queens, New York today with a show headlined by Matt Riddle defending his WWN Championship against Keith Lee. Here are the results:

- Tracy Williams defeated ACH

Williams submitted ACH with a crossface. ACH let it be known after that he wasn't happy to be in the opening match.

- Timothy Thatcher (w/ Stokely Hathaway) defeated Jason Kincaid

Thatcher won with an armbar. Kincaid offered him a post-match handshake, but Thatcher turned his back and walked away as Hathaway pointed and laughed.

- Fred Yehi defeated Chris Dickinson (w/ Jaka)

This was a physical, hard-fought match. Yehi caught Dickinson with the Koji Clutch to pick up the win.

- EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Jaka to retain his title

Sabre won with his bridging pinning combination after a battle. The crowd showed Jaka respect for hanging in there with the champ.

Hathaway was out to talk to Sabre after the match, but Darby Allin tried to take the mic and continue his quest for a title match. Thatcher didn't allow Allin to and instead took the mic himself. He demanded that the next time he sees Sabre it'll be for the EVOLVE Championship in a no holds barred match.

Thatcher then destroyed Sabre with a headbutt and attacked Allin, putting his injured arm in a hold as Hathaway taunted Allin.

- Ethan Page defeated Thomas Sharp (the former Gatekeeper)

Sharp put in an impressive performance and stood up to his former employer, but Page won with the Spinning Dwayne.

- Trent Barreta defeated Austin Theory

A Dudebuster from Trent ended this one. Priscilla Kelly then made her way to the ring, with the distraction allowing Theory enough time to hit a low blow on Trent and lay him out with a TKO. Kelly bit Trent's neck before leaving with Theory.

- WWN Champion Matt Riddle defeated Keith Lee to retain his title

This was an incredible match, with Riddle being ragdolled by the powerhouse that is Lee. Lee hit a huge pounce early. Riddle was able to lift him up for a gutwrench suplex, a Bro to Sleep, and a German suplex. The crowd was into both men with dueling chants as they battled at a great pace.

Riddle retained after hitting Lee with a flying knee and collapsing onto him for the pin.

The crowd gave the two of them a huge reaction until Page came down to ruin the moment. He stomped Riddle and Lee while they were down and said he hates them for their favored positions in EVOLVE

Williams and Hathaway also came out. Williams said he would be facing Riddle for the WWN title on August 12th before holding him up and allowing Hathaway to slap him. Lee and Riddle eventually recovered and ran Page off so they could share a fist-bump to show their respect. The crowd cheered as the show went off the air.

There was also an EVOLVE show in Melrose, Massachusetts last night. Here are the quick results from that event:

  • EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. defeated WWN Champion Matt Riddle in a non-title champion vs. champion match
  • Keith Lee defeated Ethan Page
  • Tracy Williams defeated Jason Kincaid
  • Fred Yehi defeated Jaka
  • Thomas Sharp defeated Nick Comoroto
  • ACH defeated Chris Dickinson
  • Timothy Thatcher defeated Austin Theory