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Former wXw champion Karsten Beck passes away after cancer battle

Former wXw champion Karsten Beck (Karsten Pitann) passed away on Thursday morning following a battle with brain cancer.

"Karsten Pitann aka Karsten Beck has passed away this morning after battling brain cancer for years," wXw announced. "We say farewell to a Hall of Famer wrestler, a Unified World Wrestling champion, a World Triangle League winner, our director of sports, our colleague, our companion, our friend. We wish Karsten's family and Ruth, those who have walked along Karsten until the very end, all the strength in the world. We miss you, Karsten."

Beck was 33 years old.

Beck's in-ring career began in 2006 and he last wrestled prior to being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2016. Beck became an on-screen authority figure as wXw's director of sports after his diagnosis. In 2017, Beck announced that his plans to return to the ring had to be halted due to doctors finding during a routine checkup that his tumor was growing again.

Beck held the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship twice and was inducted into the German-based promotion's Hall of Fame in 2017.