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GCW announces Bloodsport 7 for October 22

GCW has announced the next Bloodsport show, which will take place next month.

During tonight’s GCW Highest in the Room event, it was announced that Bloodsport would be running in Los Angeles on October 22nd at the Ukrainian Cultural Center. 

Bloodsport cards carry a different ruleset from other GCW events. Each match must end via knockout or submission, and the wrestling ring is replaced by a ring canvas that has no ropes or turnbuckles. Matches usually have more of a MMA/shoot-style influence. Matt Riddle's name was used for the first card held in 2018, but after he was signed by WWE, Josh Barnett’s name has been used for the shows ever since.

The last Bloodsport event was held on April 8 during WrestleMania weekend. That show was headlined by Josh Barnett defeating Jon Moxley via knockout after grabbing Moxley by the wrist and pummeling his face with kicks until the referee ended the match.