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GFW results 10/28 Lincolnshire, England: First international show

Global Force Wrestling held their first international show on Wednesday 28th October at the Auditorium in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire, England.


The event featured GFW founder Jeff Jarrett, as well as a reunion from the British Invasion tag team of Nick Aldis(TNA's Magnus) and Doug Williams.Traffic caused by a serious accident on the main road into the town caused the event to be delayed by 15-20 minutes and there were still people coming into the venue at bell time.


Merchandise was selling well, particularly the GFW Amped t-shirts but the most interesting point was the use of a four-sided ring (for the evening.


The event started with ring announcer SoCalVal geeing up the crowd and introducing Karen Jarrett.


Karen did an excellent job of noting the historic nature of the show and making it feel like something really special, before turning into a promo on the Nathan Cruz-Jeff Jarrett match, noting that Jeff had not 'travelled all this way to lose'.




Ridgeway is highly-rated on the British circuit and is from Barrow-on-Furness. Dor is a veteran of TNA's British Boot Camp II.


Big things were expected of the opening contest but the participants opted to go for a comedy match centred on funny wristlock and back slide spots, whilst exchanging 'wrestling' taunts - it didn't click with the crowd.


Dor hit a nice standing drop kick to take control of the match. He worked on the arm before taking the victory with a quick tap out to a leg grapevine submission.


1/2* - very disappointing match, the two guys didn't click and what they put on seemed lost on the audience.


BIG DAMO O' CONNOR v BRAM - Falls Count Anywhere


It was announced earlier in the day on social media that Bram would be Damo O' Connor's opponent in this open challenge match.


O'Connor is huge, 6'4" and around the 350lbs mark, he looks like a cross between Bray Wyatt and Jason Albert. He cut a good promo before the match saying that he was disappointed that Bram was answering the challenge and that it wasn't the competition he was looking for.


Bram responded by challenging O'Connor to a falls count anywhere match and the bout started straight away.


They exchanged shoulderblocks to start with neither guy budging. Bram took charge with a flying tackle that sent Damo to the floor.


The pair brawled into the first row but O'Connor took control and sent Bram flying back across the barrier.


Bram hit the post hard and O'Connor got the first near fall with a running senton on the floor.


Damo overpowered Bram but missed a diving headbuttallowing the Englishman to stage a bit of a comeback with a big bodyslam.


That was cut off by a huge pump handle kick that elicited 'oohs' from the crowd. Damo got a fantastic near fall off a Samoan drop/running senton combination.


Damo got another two off a Northern Lights Suplex. He went for a second one but it was blocked and Bram turned it around into an Impaler DDT for the win.


**3/4 - Hard hitting brawl that would have benefited from using more of the falls count anywhere stipulation. First time seeing O'Connor and I was impressed with his movement and presence.




First big pop of the evening for Mickie. Nikki declares herself the 'Best in the Galaxy' and never stops talking, constantly berating the audience and her opponent.


Mickie gets the upper hand early on and Nikki stalls to argue with fans in the front row.


Nikki cut off the early momentum with a drop kick and took over with the usual heel tactics, hair pulling, choking and slaps to the face.


She went for a leglock submission but Mickie made the ropes. Nikki went up top but got caught and slammed off.


Mickie scored two with a cross body from the top rope. She went for a sunset flip but Nikki grabbed the ropes and got two off that before the referee swiped her hands away.


Nikki went for a suplex but it was reversed and Mickie was able to hit a kick to the midsection and a leaping DDT for the win.


**1/2 - Better than the majority of the Diva matches you see on RAW. Mickie looked in great shape and you can see why there's been some interest in Nikki.


The interval took place after this with the opportunity to meet Mickie James and receive a signed photo for £10.




These two young British wrestlers got a chance to shine but unfortunately much of the audience was still coming back from intermission.


The match was fairly flat and lacked any heat. They went for a technical, ground based bout, which didn't allow the fans to really get a feel for either man.


Robbie got the win when he blocked a Prime charge in the corner and grabbed the ropes for a cheap three.


* - hard to gauge this one as the match was solid enough from a technical standpoint but did little to get the crowd involved.




Nathan Cruz is perhaps the biggest star of New Generation Wrestling (NGW) based out of Hull (around 30 miles from Grimsby). This meant he was familiar to many in the audience from local TV coverage and various other shows.


Jeff cut a great promo before the bout stating that Cruz wasn't strong enough competition and that the match would end up being like the NFL going up against the English Premier League (soccer) - the superior athlete would prevail.


Jarrett took control with an armdrag and riled up the audience with the Fargo strut and then laid across the top rope.


Cruz hit a nice dropkick to send Jarrett to the floor. He hid behind Karen but Nathan kept chasing them until he forced Jeff back into the ring.


Nathan was in charge with some high-flying offence but Karen kept interfering to halt his momentum.


Jeff went for a suplex but it was reversed into a slingshot suplex for a fantastic near fall.


Cruz went back up top but Karen again interfered. This time Nathan dragged her into the ring but the referee pulled the pair apart. The distraction allowed Jeff to hit a low blow and the Stroke for the three.


***  This was an entertaining match that benefited from the constant interference from Karen, which made sure they got the right reaction.




Rampage Brown is again one of the top stars in NGW, so he received a good heel reaction.


Marty Scurll is from the first TNA British Bootcamp and is now working a Clockwork Orange-inspired gimmick.


Doug Williams got a nice pop and has wrestled in the area many times before. Nick Aldis is the former Magnus and had the GFW World Title with him.


Scurll cut a promo before the match saying that Aldis wasn't a good representation of a British world champion.


The British Invasion guys bounced Scurll around to start but he eventually made the tag to Brown, who took over on Williams.


It was old-school tag action with the heels cutting off the ring and using several illegal double teams to remain in control.


Doug reversed a waistlock and went for the Chaos Theory on Scurll but Brown broke it up. Aldis got knocked to the floor and the heels took over again on Williams.


They set him up for a double superplex but Aldis came back in to turn it into the Tower of Doom.


This took Rampage out of the action and allowed Williams to hit an exploder suplex on Scurll, with Aldis coming off the top with a beautiful elbow drop for the win.


***1/4 - this was a really entertaining tag match that had the fans involved from the start and sent them home happy.


SoCalVal then invited fans into the ring for a £10 photo opportunity with Aldis and the GFW Title belt.


Overall it was an entertaining old-school show with plenty of fan interaction and some solid action.




1. Nick Aldis


2. Mickie James


3. Doug Williams


4. The Jarretts (entrance)


5. Nathan Cruz




1. Jeff Jarrett


2. Karen Jarrett


3. Damo O' Connor


4. Nikki Storm


5. Rampage Brown & Marty Scurll