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MLW Fusion results: Low Ki vs. Konnan no DQ World title match

Quick recap:

  • Ace Romero defeated Simon Gotch in a $20,000 Simon Gotch Prize Fight
  • Ariel Dominguez (from Team Filthy) defeated Andrew Everett
  • No DQ World Heavyweight Title Fight: Konnan vs. Low Ki (presented by Salina de la Renta) was a no contest due to referee stoppage.

This week's episode opened with a video package hyping up tonight's main event between Low Ki and Konnan. It showed the history between Konnan and Promociones Dorado, and the major events involving Pentagon Jr, Daga, Salina de la Renta and Ricky Martinez that have been building since September and that has led us to tonight's match.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to the Scottish Rite Temple in Miami, Florida, for the last episode of 2018. We had a recap from last week's Tom Lawlor vs. Simon Gotch no holds barred fight, Schiavone mentioned that Gotch has lost his mind since last week and he is desperate to show the world that he is the ultimate fighter in MLW.

Ace Romero defeated Simon Gotch in a $20,000 Simon Gotch Prize Fight (2:02)

Gotch took the mic before the match and said there has been a disease growing in MLW that has reached pandemic levels and he is going to act as the even hand of justice. Romero answered his open challenge.

Gotch tried to take Romero off his feet with a takedown early, but had no luck. He went up top and tried a choke but still no luck. Frustrated, Gotch took to the outside for a breather but did not expect to turn and see the 400 lb. Romero running across the ring in what looked like a suicide dive attempt. In a flash, Gotch dove under the apron and Romero stopped in his tracks before he could squash the self proclaimed prizefighter.

As we were told that one of the five allotted minutes had expired, Romero lifted Gotch back into the ring by his moustache and planted him with a facial hair assisted tree slam. Gotch fought back with hard strikes and slaps but quickly ate a bodyslam for his trouble. Romero then hit the ropes and was successful in squashing Gotch this time with a huge big elbow drop and picked up the three count, the win, and the $20,000.

-- Schiavone updated us on Kotto Brazil's injury, saying he has undergone two surgeries on his injured eye. We then saw footage of Ricky Martinez, apparently after the nightclub incident, in a limo filled with lap dancers and celebrating with champagne. We were told that Martinez has been suspended by MLW before cameras caught up with him outside the building. He said he doesn't care how long he is suspended for as he is with Promociones Dorado, he flashed some cash before quickly leaving.

Ariel Dominguez defeated Andrew Everett (3:05)

This was a fun short match playing off Dominguez's smaller size. Everett mocked him throughout the match but in the end that was his downfall as he spent too much time taunting and took his eye off the ball.

Dominguez missed a big top rope springboard splash early on. Everett followed up with a lionsault and finished his Chris Jericho tribute with a cocky foot on the chest pin attempt for a two count.

Everett kept on the advantage until he went for a chokeslam, but Dominguez slipped out and hit a big rolling German suplex for a two count of his own. He tried to continue his momentum as he charged into the corner, but Everett evaded and hit a nice Pele kick that knocked the smaller fighter to the ground.

Everett then went to the top rope but took too much time with his shooting star press as Dominguez was able to get his knees up then quickly grab Everett in a small package to pick up the flash three count for the win.

-- We got a recap from two weeks ago where Teddy Hart won the MLW Middleweight championship in the ladder match.

-- We then cut to Konnan outside the building talking about tonight's main event. He says he can see through Low Ki and Salina, that he is on point and will take Low Ki to the deepest waters he has ever been in, and that the revolution tonight will be televised.

-- A Tommy Dreamer & Barrington Hughes vs. Brian Pillman Jr. and Davey Boy Smith Jr. recap is shown from last week with Pillman picking up the win via the use of his own cane against Dreamer.

-- We then cut to Dreamer where he said he underestimated Pillman. In their first match, he took advantage of Pillman while in their second match, Pillman stole the pin on him. Now, let's set the stage for our third match, he said. He challenged Pilman to a Singapore cane match in two weeks. He says for every Charlotte Flair and Randy Orton walking around, there is an Angelo Mosca Jr. and Bruno Sammartino Jr. He asks Pillman what one will he be? He says Pillman has two weeks to step up and if he wants to be with him, he needs to beat him.

-- We see a recap of the Tom Lawlor vs. Promociones Dorado feud with Lawlor finally getting his hands on Low Ki two weeks ago. We see extended footage of their brawl that went on after the cameras stopped rolling.

-- H2tv time with Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. They are trash talking Pentagon Jr and Rey Fenix. Hart, along with Davey Boy Smith Jr., are challenging Pentagon Jr. and Fenix to a MLW Tag Team Championship match.

-- We were then outside the building with Lawlor. He said that it has been seven long hard months since he had won the Battle Riot, and that Low Ki has been running from him. Lawlor is willing to fight for what he believes in, that he is willing to stand up to any challenge, that he is a fighting champion, and that is what Low Ki will never see when he looks in the mirror. He will show Low Ki how a real professional fighter handles business.

The MLW World Heavyweight Champion Low Ki (w/ Ricky Martinez & Salina de la Renta) vs. Konnan no DQ match ended in a no contest due to referee stoppage (5:44)

This bloody brawl had a big fight feel as we saw the tale of the tape before an extended video package for Konnan's entrance. Both fighters went nose to nose as the official introductions were announced.

It was a chaotic start to the match as Konnan immediately sidestepped Low Ki, who stopped himself before hitting the referee in the corner. He tossed the official to the side and turned into a loaded sock shot from Konnan. The announcers questioned what was inside the sock as Konnan went for a cover, but Ricky Martinez pulled the champion to safety on the outside.

Low Ki was busted open and took a while to get back into the ring. When he did, he was staggering around but was still able to hit a kick to the gut and some shots to the kidneys before being thrown down looking completely out of it. Konnan locked in the tequilla sunrise but Martinez interfered again and started to put the boots to Konnan.

Martinez picked up Konnan and set him up for Low Ki to attack. Low Ki ran at Konnan with a drop kick, but the veteran sidestepped and Low Ki took out Martinez. Konnan then hit a low blow to floor the champion again, but this time, Salina de la Renta entered the ring. She got in Konnan's face and tried to hit him with her cane, but that was caught by Konnan who contemplated hitting her with ii. This gave Low Ki just enough time to recover and take out Konnan with a big shot to the head.

Low Ki stomped a beer bottle into Konnan's head that busted him open too. Martinez and de la Renta entered the ring again, along with Hijo de la Park, and they began beating down a defenseless Konnan. The referee tried to gain some sort of control but eventually called for the bell as Martinez and Hijo held Konnan and Low Ki repeatedly struck him in the back, liver, and kidneys.

Salina took out what looked like a spike and screamed at Low Ki to use it. Officials tried to get into the ring but Martinez and Hijo quickly took them out. Salina again screamed at the champion to use the spike so Low Ki took it and drilled it into Konnan's back.

Enough was enough for Tom Lawlor as he ran out and made the save. He took out Martinez and Hijo with right hands and a spinning heel kick while Salina and Low Ki slipped out of the ring. Lawlor quickly jumped to Konnan's aid as the announcers told us the backstage cameras had caught something. We got to the back to see Pentagon Jr. laying on the ground, clearly having been attacked by someone. The announcers speculate this is the work of Promociones Dorado in an attempt to keep the tag team champion from helping Konnan. We go off the air with chaos all round the building, thanks to Salina de la Renta and Promociones Dorado.

Next week:

  • Teddy Hart vs Pentagon Jr.
  • LA Park vs Gringo Loco