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OTT Homecoming II results: WALTER vs. PAC

Submitted by Martin Bentley

- The excellent Crooked Gentlemen hype video for Jordan Devlin vs. David Starr played on the big screen before the show. Most fans thought that was just OTT playing it to get ready for the show -- but in a big surprise, it was the opener.

- Jordan Devlin defeated David Starr

Incredible match and atmosphere. Starr entered to "We Belong" by Pat Benatar, which was the song he and Devlin came out to as a tag team when they first faced WALTER in OTT.

They brawled all over the building before moving on to a great physical contest with believable levels of hatred. They did each other's moves and had very close near falls before Devlin won with two big package piledrivers, booking his spot in the main event of ScrapperMania V on March 16 against WALTER for the OTT World Championship.

- Ilja Dragunov defeated Shigehiro Irie

Great bruising contest with both men landing heavy blows. The fans were largely behind Dragunov, but there was some support for Irie as well. Dragunov ducked Irie's Beast Bomber and landed Torpedo Moscow for the win.

- PAC defeated OTT World Champion WALTER by DQ in a non-title match

PAC played babyface here as WALTER came out disrespecting the OTT World title belt, throwing it around and stepping on it. At one point, PAC landed badly on a dive and dislocated a finger, but he snapped it back into place and carried on.

WALTER went to use the belt, the referee caught him, and PAC low blowed WALTER. PAC went for the Black Arrow, but WALTER rolled out of the ring, then shoved the referee to get disqualified.

Devlin stopped WALTER from leaving, hitting him with a slingshot cutter and allowing PAC to hit the Black Arrow. Devlin then stood over WALTER raising the title to set up the ScrapperMania V main event.

- Charlie Sterling & The Anti-Fun Police (Chief Deputy Dunne & Los Federales Santos Jr.) defeated More Than Hype (Darren Kearney, LJ Cleary & Nathan Martin)

Fun cool-down match with a good level of comedy and decent action. Sterling stole the win with a jackknife pin on Kearney with his feet on the ropes.

- OTT Gender Neutral Champion Mark Haskins defeated Andrew Everett and Terry Thatcher to retain his title

Good three-way match, with the fans solidly behind the local star Thatcher. Everett is now doing a gimmick where he believes he's a giant. Thatcher hit his finisher on Everett, but Haskins threw him off and stole the pin to retain the title.

- Scotty Davis & Will Ospreay defeated The Besties In The World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)

A showcase for Davis, who is a protege of Ospreay, though all four men delivered here. Vega suffered a knock mid match, but he carried on.

Davis got the pin, then Ospreay revealed that he was supposed to wrestle Davis at ScrapperMania V, but he was required by New Japan for the date -- so Davis will now wrestle Jushin Thunder Liger. That's a huge deal as Davis is only 18 years old and is talented well beyond his age.

- Justy & MJF defeated The Angel Cruzers (Angel Cruz & B. Cool)

MJF made a reference to the Irish Potato Famine during his entrance, which drew tremendous heat. The Angel Cruzers had the match won when their young boys Team PRICK (Peter and Rick) turned against them and joined forces with Justy, leading to him and MJF winning.

- OTT Women's Champion Raven Creed defeated Yuu to retain her title

This was sadly the low point of the card, as they didn't really click with each other. Yuu showed some good judo skills, but Creed won in just a few minutes to retain the title.

- Intermission was taken here to set up the steel cage, which only took a few minutes. They held a raffle to benefit the recovery of former Women's Champion Katey Harvey, who broke both her elbows last month.

- OTT Tag Team Champions The Kings of the North (Bonesaw & Damien Corvin) defeated The Lads From the Flats (Paddy M & Workie) & Session Moth Martina in a steel cage match to retain their titles

This was War Games-style entry, but Dragon Gate-style elimination -- as all members had to escape the cage to win the match. Paddy M was great flying all over the cage.

It came down to Corvin and Martina remaining in the cage. Lots of weapons were used, and both of them ended up in thumbtacks, with Martina putting in a great performance to show that she's more than just a comedy wrestler.

They attempted to leave the cage at the same time, but Paddy M and Bonesaw were brawling outside and knocked the referee into the door, slamming it in Martina's head. That allowed Corvin to climb to the outside to retain the titles for the Kings.