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Will Ospreay out with possible shoulder injury

After originally being scheduled for Newcastle-based NORTH Wrestling's July 30th show, Will Ospreay will miss the date because of a possible shoulder injury.

The 23-year-old British highflyer has quickly become one of the most highly regarded talents in the wrestling industry, but a demanding schedule and wrestling style has led to some health issues in the past.

Dave Meltzer chronicled Ospreay's injury history in the June 27th edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. In just his brief career, Ospreay has suffered "two slipped discs, seven concussions, a dodgy shoulder that is prone to separation, two fractured heels, and sciatica which leads to numbness in his foot."

Ospreay posted the following on his Facebook page:

"To anybody attending North Wrestling I have the unfortunate news that I will not be able to attend due to injury.

Nothing to North Wrestling at all I took a nasty knock to my shoulder during the WCPW shows and I'm hoping it's not bad but I'm booking a appointment with my doctors & pysiotherapist to see what the damage is.

Fingers crossed for the best."

NORTH Wrestling tweeted:

"It's with utter disappointment, but wholehearted understanding, that we have to announce @WillOspreay won't be appearing tomorrow. Will's took an injury to his shoulder last night, which needs immediate attention. We can only apologise, & promise we'll have Will back."