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WrestleCon Supershow live results: Bandido vs. Will Ospreay

From the Midtown Hotel in New York City, this is the Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow.

Masato Tanaka defeated Eddie Kingston

Tanaka, the former ECW champion and veteran of numerous Japanese promotions, hasn't lost a step. These two went toe to toe exchanging strikes, but Kingston eventually was put down with The Sliding D. Post match, Kingston took the mic and informed the crowd that after 17 years of wrestling, this was his dream match. The two men showed respect before exiting the ring.

- The Lucha Brothers made their way out. Rey Fenix said they are the best tag team in the universe and those "other brothers" are scared. Pentagon Jr. said The Young Bucks are “putos” which received a “Putos Woop Woop” chant. Fenix said since there is nobody good enough to accept their open challenge, they might as well face each other. Penta immediately went for a roll up which led us to…

Rey Fenix defeated Pentagon Jr.

Incredible agility was shown by Fenix as he did a tigh rope walk into a penalty kick. This featured great action throughout and a split crowd. The finish was a springboard top rope Spanish Fly by Fenix. The brothers, two of the best in the world, embraced post match after this showcase.

Tajiri, DJZ, Puma King and Samantha Heights defeated Sammy Guevara and LAX (Santana, Ortiz, and Diamante)

The type of one of a kind entertaining mixed tag match makes WrestleCon a live event hit every year. LAX used their experience as a team to keep the advantage throughout but once Tajiri blew the green mist and hit the buzzsaw kick on Ortiz, it was a wrap.

Robbie Eagles defeated Arez and Flamita in a triple threat match

These three incredible high flyers did what they do best and showed out. Arez was the first to take it to the air with a tope. Eagles and Flamita exchanged strikes in the middle before setting up an incredible maneuver where Eagles went for a splash on Flamita yet Arez ran up the prone body of Flamita to catch Eagles in a Spanish Fly.

Later in the match, Flamita hit an over the top dive to one side and a huge moonsault to the other. Eagles scored the win with a 450. Unbelievable action in this one.

Jushin Thunder Liger, X-Pac, and 'Hurricane' Helms defeated Revolt! (Caleb Konley, Zane Riley, and Jake Manning)

Liger got the loudest reaction of the night, followed by streamers. Revolt! worked over Helms and Waltman throughout until Liger got a hot tag and ran wild until all hell broke loose. All six men were in the ring before Liger hit a brainbuster for the victory. The crowd celebrated along with the legendary  Liger music. X-Pac thanked the crowd and talked about Liger’s retirement tour. Helms then said he begged for permission from "who he works for" to be here and be in the ring with Liger. This was another great moment.

Dragon Lee defeated Cavernario

This was said to be an excellent match that Dragon won with a sitout powerbomb. I say 'was said', because the FITE stream was out for this one so it's definitely worth checking out once the VOD makes Highspots. Fans threw money in the ring post match.

Zack Sabre Jr. defeated Shane Strickland

This was a technical clinic with the crowd split down the middle. Strickland had to submit while being completely tied up in one of Sabre’s inescapable holds.

SCU (Daniels, Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky) defeated Orange Cassidy and Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent?)

This will definitely be one of the most entertaining comedy matches of the week and I'm not sure how anything else will top it in that regard. Chuck and Trent came in wearing their Outsiders denim and looking real jacked. Cassidy used his expert defense to avoid everything Daniels tried on him. A slow motion striking exchange had the crowd going wild.

The comedy then broke down and we had ourselves a fight once Scorpio and Kazarian removed Cassidy’s sunglasses. Orange hit them with a double chokeslam all by himself. SCU survived his "juiced up" offense and were able to set up the Best Meltzer Ever for Daniels to score the pin. What a spectacle. What a time to be alive.

Will Ospreay defeated Bandido

Two of the most impressive athletes in wrestling went at it in a main event style match. Bandido had the power advantage but Ospreay’s ability to constantly land on his feet gave him the edge. The intensity picked up late and commentary even talked about how NJPW should be watching this as an audition for Bandido.

Ospreay hit a springboard frog splash into the front row which kept Bandido out for a count of nine. Eventually, he made it back in the ring and they went on an incredible run of finisher reversals and kickouts including a Rainmaker and Os-Cutter for a near fall that every one thought was it.

Will kept his composure and put Bandido down with the Storm Breaker for the victory. Check this one out once it makes the Highspots on demand service.