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WWN attorney issues statement on FloSports lawsuit

What looks to be an ugly split between WWN, Inc. (the parent company of EVOLVE, FIP, and Shine) and FloSports, which has been airing their events on its FloSlam platform, continued today with WWN's attorney making a statement alleging FloSports had failed to live up to their contracted obligations and called FloSlam a failing subscription streaming platform.

FloSports filed a lawsuit for more than $1 million on September 15th in U.S. District Court in Travis County, Texas, alleging that WWN misled them by providing inflated numbers for how many people were ordering the EVOLVE events on Internet PPV, which caused FloSports to make a deal based on those numbers.

Joshua Gavin, who worked for WWN, in a Fightful article backed up claims in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was clearly an attempt to get out of the terms of the current contract.

WWN attorney Samuel Heller released a statement earlier today regarding the lawsuit saying:

"While we prefer not to litigate cases in the media, it is clear that FloSports is attempting to use the press to create leverage in this dispute by spreading false, defamatory and misleading statements about WWN. In reality, FloSports has wholly failed to honor its contractual obligation to promote WWN's events, and has been unable to successfully integrate WWN into its mismanaged and failing subscription streaming platform. At no time has WWN provided incorrect, false or misleading information and this lawsuit is nothing more than a transparent effort to FloSports to avoid its responsibility to WWN, its talent and its fans. We are confident that the litigation will result favorably to WWN."

It should be noted that FloSports did not go to the media, nor have they at this point commented to the media, but only filed suit.

Both sides were promoting the EVOLVE shows tonight in Livonia, Michigan and tomorrow night in Summit, Illinois, on the service.