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WWN launches new on-demand service

Three months after the end of their partnership with FloSlam, WWN has launched a new on-demand service.

The service, named "Club WWN," will cost $9.99 per month (with the first month free for subscriptions that begin by January 31st) and will include on-demand access to shows from EVOLVE, Shine, Style Battle, FIP, Dragon Gate USA, and other WWN promotions. The service doesn't include access to live iPPVs. Shows will be added approximately two weeks after they take place, and subscribers get a 50 percent discount on iPPV purchases.

When asked about the two-week delay, Gabe Sapolsky tweeted: "It is the best we can do as a small business at the $9.99 price. If we get a huge response, can consider other options, but right now it's impossible for us to give live iPPVs at that price. We are trying to follow PROGRESS [Wrestling's] model with this."

WWN currently offers a live-only option and a live-plus-VOD option for iPPVs on their website and on FITE TV. The company touts that there are over 360 events currently available on Club WWN, and there's also a loyalty program where subscribers are able to earn points towards future purchases.

The next set of EVOLVE shows will take place in Queens on January 13th and Brooklyn on the 14th. There will also be a Style Battle show in Brooklyn earlier in the day on the 14th.