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wXw World Tag Team League night three results

wxw tag league

Submitted by Markus Gronemann for F4WOnline.com from Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen, Germany

World Tag Team League 2018 Block A Match: Ringkampf (Timothy Thatcher & WALTER) [6] defeated Okami (Daichi Hashimoto & Hideyoshi Kamitani) [3] at 10:32

This was a stiff, strong style battle, as it should have been with these four. Thatcher and Hashimoto started before tagging in the big guys, who went at it and WALTER got the better of it with a kick to the head. Kamitami failed to slam WALTER who fell on him for a pin, before he eventually managed on the second try to a big pop. WALTER hit a Shotgun dropkick and powerbomb on Kamitani, followed by another powerbomb into a Thatcher European uppercut for a near fall which Hashimoto saved. Eventually, WALTER hit a lariat on Hashimoto for the pin. Ringkampf now had to hope for the Lucha Bros. to beat CCK so they’d go to the finals. Otherwise, they would be out.

World Tag Team League 2018 Block A Match: Calamari Catch Kings (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) [6] defeated The Lucha Brothers (Penta El Zero M & Rey Fenix) [3] at 9:05

Gresham came out strong with a cheap shot on Penta and head scissors on Fenix. Lucha Bros took over and Brookes is in for the save but gets put in a tree of woe and the Lucha Bros. invent a whacky move that basically turns Fenix into a projectile to be shot into the corner at Brookes. After a comeback, Brookes hit a combined missile dropkick/senton on both Mexicans from the top. A reverse rana on Penta followed by a shooting star press by Gresham almost wins it, but Fenix makes the save.  Penta is down for another shooting star and as all four men enter the fray, Penta scores a near fall on Gresham as Fenix hits an amazing tornillo to Brookes on the outside, but it’s still not enough. Eventually, CCK hits a slingshot cutter and Gresham hits another Shooting Star Press for the win. Really great match.

Wesna defeats LuFisto at 7:56

These two faced each other about 10 years back in SHIMMER and also for DWA in Germany. They still are as tough and hard-hitting as they were back in the day. Wesna booted LuFisto out of the ring, but she came back and they both ended up outside. They brawled around ringside and into the seating area, sending the crowd scattering. LuFisto ended up putting Wesna in a chair on the outside and hit a nice running dropkick on her but crashed on the concrete floor herself. Back in the ring, Wesna takes over with an STO, then they trade suplexes. LuFisto with a hip attack and cannonball into the corner but Wesna came back with a death valley bomb for the win in a solid, fun match.

World Tag Team League 2018 Block B Match: Jay FK (Francis Kaspin & Jay Skillet) [6] defeated Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) [6] at 7:51

Jay FK flee as Aussie Open enters and stall for a bit. Jay FK on the offense, but the Australians turns things around and hit an assisted cutter on Skillet and had the three count, but Kaspin pulled the ref to the outside to prevent that. Tope on Jay FK and they escape a sit-out powerbomb and get on offense, with Kyle Fletcher, the smaller team member being face in peril for a bit. Davis finally got the hot tag and ran wild on both Jay FK members and even hits a double slam on both. Kaspin manages to escape the next sequence though and Jay FK mirror last night’s finish, as there was another mule kick behind the ref’s back, followed by an assisted roll-up for the win.

If SPLX beats Monster Consulting, Jay FK are in the finals. If not, then Aussie Open, Monster Consulting and Jay FK each have 6 points in a stalemate and there would be a draw of luck to determine the winner of the B Block.

World Tag Team League 2018 Block B Match: Angelico & Jeff Cobb [6] defeated Monster Consulting (Avalanche & Julian Nero) [3] at 14:07

Avalanche and Cobb in with a shoulder tackle to a massive reaction, but Nero and Angelico quickly tag in. After a series of quick tags, Monster Consulting work over Cobb in the corner. He finally gets the hot tag and Angelico uses Nero as a take-off point to hit a vicious flying knee into the corner on Avalanche. Nero and Angelico trade until Angelico hits another knee and a kick for a near fall. Cobb is back in and they hit a combined suplex/crossbody. Avalanche with a splash into the corner onto both SPLX members.

Angelico hits a rana on Nero as Avalanche goes for a huge body press on Cobb from the middle rope, only to be caught in mid-air and hammered to the mat with an Oklahoma Stampede to a huge pop. They followed it up with a Doomsday Device knee by Angelico on Nero and Cobb hits Tour of the Islands, but Avalanche breaks up the pin. Avalanche with a huge clothesline on Cobb, but Angelico avoids the Final Consultation by Nero, who takes out his partner and Angelico hits a Lucha-style rollup for the victory. Monster Consulting are devastated and grab the tag team titles, but reluctantly hand them over to referee Tassilo Jung.

Dirty Dragan Trial Series Tag Team Match: Alexander James & Jurn Simmons defeated Dirty Dragan & Emil Sitoci

This match stemmed from the angle the night before. The heels came out first and Sitoci came out alone, to allow Dragan to sneak up through the crowd with a belt in his hands and pay back Simmons and James for the belt whipping the previous night. He whacks away at them, while Sitoci runs down the ramp and hits a beautiful double clothesline over the top rope into the ring. He hits the Snapmare Driver on James, but Simmons hits him with the Massive Boot and a piledriver to take him out for a bit, as the bell finally rang to start the match. Dragan uses this opportunity to hit a dropkick and goes for some ground and pound. Big clothesline by Jurn, but Dragan comes back with a piledriver of his own.

Dragan goes up top, but James recovered enough to shove him off the top. Sitoci also recovered and went for a cross body on both heels, followed by a gut buster and a big Macho Man style elbow on Jurn. Finally Sitoci hits a spinning tombstone and drags Jurn to the corner so Dragan can hit a frog splash for the pin and the win… or is it, as James pulled Jurn’s foot on the bottom rope at the last second and pointed that out to the ref after he had counted the pin. The match is restarted and Jurn immediately hits a Massive Boot on Dragan for the win. As per the Trial Match stipulation, Dragan is now gone from wXw. The crowd was solidly behind Dragan, chanting for him (and booing a few idiots who sang the “na na na na, hey hey, goodbye” song. Dragan left, devastated.

Lucky Kid defeated Tarkan Aslan at 7:48

This match was built up basically since January, when Kid accidentally hit Tarkan during the big cage match at Back to the Roots. Tarkan claimed he was injured and had to retire, only to eventually show it was all just a ruse to get back at Lucky, who was sick with grief the whole time, blaming his brother’s career ending injury on his own mistake. Kid was in Tarkan’s face right away and they traded spots, but as they know each other so well, they had counters and escapes for everything.

Aslan escaped to ringside after a few dropkicks and Kid teased a dive, but instead did his “BLAH!” sit down spot in the rind and flipped his brother off. Tarkan pulled Kid to ringside and beat him up then tried to pin him in the ring to no avail. Marius Al-Ani came out with the Shotgun title and hit Lucky in the back with it when he went for a handspring back elbow and bounced off the ropes, upside down, for leverage. As Lucky elsse, Al-Ani slides the belt into the ring, but Pete Bouncer and Ivan Kiev of RISE and Lucky’s buddies come out to prevent any additional shenanigans. Lucky used Tarkan’s distraction for a dragon suplex and STF for the clean submission.

wXw World Tag Team Title World Tag Team League 2018 Finals: Jay FK (Francis Kaspin & Jay Skillet) defeated Calamari Catch Kings (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) at 13:10,

Jay FK came out in new, white gear they hadn’t worn all weekend and also had sprayed their hair white. The teams paired off in twos and brawled around ringside, before the bell even rang. Skillet and Gresham, who held the tag titles together as RockSkillet in 2012-2013 had a shouting and shoving match. Kaspin shoved Brookes into the ring post, and Skillet pulled Gresham right into a chair shot by Kaspin. Brookes then took Kaspin over to the stage setup and shoved him into a metal wave-breaker area. Skillet saves Kaspin from a Praying Mantis Bomb on the ramp, after which Kaspin hits a swinging neck breaker on the stage.

Jay FK get down into the crowd again, but Gresham recovers enough to hit a moonsault off the stage to the floor onto Jay FK. The belt finally rang to start the match. CCK with the upper hand back in the ring, and Gresham does an Octopus Hold on Kaspin whole Brookes does the same to Skillet in the ropes. Kaspin reaches the ropes and Skillet hits a combined neckbreaker/splash combo on Brookes for a near-fall. After a few more spots, Brookes hits hi missile dropkick/back senton combo on both Jay FK members.

Gresham with a stunner and back elbow and Jay FK try the mule kick/roll up combo again, but it this time gets thwarted by Brookes, who scouted them well. Brookes and Kaspin were outside and Gresham hit a tope con giro on Kaspin. We had a ref bump, but Jay FK couldn’t capitalize right away, leading into a series of small packages and reversals out from a suplex by Gresham and Skillet. Kaspin threw Brookes out of the ring and kept him there while Skillet hit a superkick on Gresham and they did a uranages/backbreaker combo onto him for the pin and the tournament and tag title win.

Post-match, Jay FK kicked CCK out of the ring and posed with the belts to bring the show to a close.