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wXw World Tag Team League night two results

Submitted by Markus Gronemann for F4WOnline.com from Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen, Germany in front of 660 fans

wXw Shotgun Champion Marius Al-Ani submitted Julian Pace in 12:20 with an ankle lock

This was a really fun, fast-paced match with Pace, who only has one year of in-ring experience under his belt and looking the best he has looked thus far. Al-Ani threw him out of the ring a few times early on, frustrating the newcomer. Pace had a few counters for the more experienced grappler and looked good for a while. Al-Ani went for his tope over the corner post, but Pace moved and two crew members ate the aerial effort. Pace then went for a dive over the top of his own, which connected. He tried to finish things with a moonsault back inside but Al-Ani grabbed his leg mid-air and tapped him out with the ankle lock.

World Tag Team League 2018 Block A Match: Okami (Hideyoshi Kamitani & Daichi Hashimoto) [3] defeated CCK (Chris Brookes & Jonathan Gresham) [3] at 13:50 after an implant DDT by Hashimoto on Brookes

Stiff match with Okami looking great. Gresham at one point gave Kamitani a snap German suplex off the ropes but ate a double clothesline for his troubles. Gresham and Kamitani had each member of the other team in a submission opposite of each other and started palm-striking each other. Hashimoto picked up the win with the DDT.

- They played a nice video package on Doug Williams, including quotes from Robbie Brookside when he was at the wXw Academy a few weeks ago and announced he’d be inducted into the wXw Hall of Fame at 18th Anniversary on 12/22.

World Tag Team League 2018 Block B Match: Jay FK (Jay Skillet & Francis Kaspin) [3] defeated Team SPLX (Jeff Cobb & Angelico) [0] at 14:10 via pin after a mule kick followed by a roll-up from Skillet on Cobb

Super fun match. Jay FK played chicken shit heels for a bit and scattered, when Cobb tagged in. Cobb gave Skillet a free-hand F5 and then gave both members of Jay FK a People’s Moonsault. Angelico practically killed Kaspin but Skillet broke up the pin. Cobb went for a German suplex on Skillet, but Kaspin grabbed his hand and Skillet mule-kicked him low, rolled him up and Kaspin pressed down from the outside for leverage for the win.

Dirty Dragan came out and said that the Dirty Dragan Trial Series will end tomorrow and he has to face someone who had been a thorne in his side for a long time. He said that if he lost, the office told him, he’s done in the promotion. He could not finish who his opponent would be and broke down in the ring. Emil Sitoci came out to comfort him. Then Jurn Simmons’ music played and he came out and Dragan said that this was the man he had to face. Emil was skeptical but eventually said he believes in him.

Dragan told him to leave as he had to do this on his own. Sitoci complied but threatened he’d be back if Simmons laid a finger on him. Dragan and Jurn got into a heated discussion, with Jurn claiming that Dragn had bullied him last night and was now challenging while he was at his lowest. Dragan shoved him but Alexander James made his surprise return and attacked Dragan with Simmon’s cane-sword. Sitoci came out for the save but they beat him down as well and held him against the ropes. Simmons took Dragan’s belt and shirt off and started to bet him hard on the back, leaving big welts. James proceeded to choke Dragan with his belt and they took turns beating up Sitoci. The faces were escorted out by medics. This was a really hot angle, with all the pent up emotion and the brutality of the beat-down and the surprise return.

World Tag Team League 2018 Block A Match: RINGKAMPF (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher) [3] defeated Lucha Bros. (Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero Miedo) [3] in 15:50' after a transition by Thatcher from a Fujiwara Armbar into a Crucifix Cover

If not for the main event, this would have been match of the night, as it was amazing on so many levels. A lot of chopping, getting chopped, no-selling chops and chopping hard in safe places going around, along with crazy high flying and grappling and regular and whacky submission attempts. WALTER and Penta especially had the crowd going wild and I think everyone is hoping for a singles match between those two one of those days. Even the finish was unique, as Thatcher had Penta in the Fujiware armbar and then rolled through to a pinning combination.

Toni Storm pinned Wesna in 9:42 after Strong Zero

This was a rematch from last year’s Femmes Fatales, even though it was a tad below last year’s outing. Still  a very good, they went out into the crowd again and threw each other into the chairs. Wesna kicked out of a Strong Zero, hit a lariat but the second Strong Zero did her in.

World Tag Team League 2018 Block B Match: Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) [6] defeated wXw Tag Champions Monster Consulting (Avalanche & Julian Nero) [3] in 12:12 after a Sydney Spinner on Nero

Match started out strong with a five count of punches by Nero in one corner and shoulderblocks by Avalanche in the other one. Aussie Open dove on the champs on the outside. Back in the ring, Fletcher tried a crossbody on Avalanche but bounced right off. Avalanche and Davis had a suplex battle which Avalanche won. The Aussie’s hit Monster Consulting’s own double team Go To Sleep, before Avlanche hits a double Samoan Drop on them. Aussies hiptoss Avalanche into Nero and ick up the win with a double powerbomb, foiling the champs’ plans to win every match. Depending on how the matches go tonight, we will see if Monster Consulting can defend their titles as the first team ever.

Interim wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Ilja Dragunov pinned Bobby Gunns in 22:30 after a Torpedo Moskau

Wow, just wow. Beside the amazing crowd and constant chanting, these two had one hell of a great match, filled with intensity, hard strikes, submissions and counters and just the will to win. Ilja went for a Senton but was caught in a cross armbreaker. They spill outside and brawled through the arena. Gunns tries for a few more arm submissions but none lead to victory just yet. Gunns twice tried to silence the crowd for the Marty-Scurll-style finger snap but the crowd won’t have any of that. Ilja with a back suplex and clothesline and a Chernobyl Bomb for a near fall. After 14 minutes, the crowd shortly calms down for a superplex spot which Gunn manages to hit.

Strike and chop exchanges as the crowd changes chants. Gunns hits some Saito suplexes and a discus lariat. The crowd gets loud again. They exchange chops on the apron and Gunns slams him and the dueling chants explode again. Gunns finally manages to shush the crowd for a finger snap but after he’s done, Ilja defiantly flips him off with both hands, so Gunns goes and snaps some more fingers to a huge pop. Instead of selling, Ilja hit a desperation Torpedo Moskau out of nowhere for the pin and the title win and the place explodes even more. Just unreal, a great match, which I would also rate at five stars, what with the uniqueness of the crowd and that incredible heat the match had, plus it was perfectly wrestled. Just unreal.