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Jim Ross suffered rib injury at NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

John Pollock reported this morning that Jim Ross was in the emergency room due to a rib injury suffered when his chair was knocked over in the spot where Jay White whipped Juice Robinson into the guardrail in their match at Saturday night's NJPW show in San Francisco.

Ross was very upset because he said that on Friday night before the show he had asked New Japan officials to keep the wrestlers away from fighting near their broadcast position, knowing the amount of fighting done in the crowd that they do.

Ross said the usage of barricades around the ring that weren't connected, so they tipped over on impact, should not have been the case and that he has had to cancel three commitments this week due to what happened. He said that it was not a planned spot or any kind of a work.

Ross was diagnosed with issues involving both his lungs and ribs and was told to be cautious at the present time for fear of contracting pneumonia. The rib injury has led to very significant pain when he moves, coughs, or yawns.