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NJPW/ROH Honor Rising results: Omega & Okada square off in tag action

The Big Takeaway --

Kenny Omega and the Elite were victorious once again, this time with the help of Cody. Adam Cole retained the ROH title, defeating YOSHI-HASHI. Hirooki Goto retained the NEVER Openweight Championship against Punishment Martinez. War Machine continued to dominate, and has made clear what their next goal is.

Show Recap --

Jado & Silas Young defeated David Finlay & KUSHIDA

Young cut another promo before the match, saying he and Jado continue to receive disrespect. They jumped KUSHIDA and David Finlay at the bell.

Short, solid match. It boiled down to Finlay and Young, who had some nice back and forth. Young caught Finlay with a knee then followed with Misery (TKO) for the win.

SANADA, EVIL, BUSHI, Hiromu Takahashi & Tetsuya Naito defeated Tiger Mask, Jushin Thunder Liger, Dalton Castle, Delirious & Ryusuke Taguchi

Young boys Kitamiya and Oka were the Boys for this evening. Taguchi came out dressed like Dalton Castle and demanded he get the same entrance. SANADA at one point again taunted Milano Collection AT by putting Castle in the Paradise Lock.

Good back and forth match between everyone. BUSHI and Tiger Mask teased tearing off each other’s masks. Takahashi and Taguchi went at it, with the story being Takahashi avoiding Taguchi’s ankle lock submission at all costs. That might be the key to their upcoming match. EVIL and Delirious had a good exchange while it lasted, with EVIL picking up the win with the STO.

LIJ ripped off Tiger Mask’s mask after the match. That seems to happen to him a lot.

War Machine defeated Guerillas of Destiny

Good match from what I saw. War Machine in particular looked really good here, and controlled a lot of the match early. They went for Fallout but Tonga reversed it and landed the waistlock DDT on Rowe. The stream died at this point, but War Machine did get the win over GoD when Tonga was pinned.

War Machine challenged the champions, Toru Yano & Tomohiro Ishii, for a future title match.

Hangman Page, Yujiro Takahashi & Bad Luck Fale defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi, Jay Lethal & Juice Robinson

Solid bout. The babyfaces showed some solid teamwork in spots, including Robinson holding up one of his opponents and Tanahashi following with a slingblade. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection but Tonga grabbed him. Page came back and hit a big lariat, giving him the victory for his team.

Yujiro laid out Robinson with the Pimp Juice DDT after the match. 

NEVER Openweight Champion Hirooki Goto defeated Punishment Martinez to retain his title

This was okay. Martinez is obviously very green, and it definitely showed in this match, but he did do a few cool things. They went back and forth early and had a forearm shot exchange. Martinez hit some running forearm shots in the corner, then drilled Goto with a falcon arrow.

Goto rolled out of the ring but Martinez came back with a crazy top rope suicide dive to the floor. Martinez went for his chokeslam finish but Goto countered with the GTR and scored the win.

ROH World Champion Adam Cole defeated YOSHI-HASHI to retain his title

Pretty good match. It never went into "great" territory but this was a fine title match for the time they were given. Cole shoved YOSHI-HASHI off the top rope to the floor early on. Cole was mostly in control until YOSHI-HASHI started to fight back, powerbombing him into a bridge for a near fall. Cole came back and hit the Destroyer. Cole hit a running knee strike, then when that didn’t work, hit the Last Shot to retain the title.

Kenny Omega, Cody & The Young Bucks defeated Kazuchika Okada, Will Ospreay & The Briscoes

Wild match full of crazy spots. Really a great, exciting contest than never slowed down, and everyone looked good in the ring.

Ospreay was worked over by the Bucks and Omega. They did a great spot where the Bucks kept superkicking Ospreay, and Cody and Omega would prop him back up on the apron and did that over and over. Ospreay came back with a DDT on Omega, giving his team the advantage. Ospreay wiped everyone out with a Sasuke special and Okada tried to follow that but Cody grabbed him.

Ospreay tried to attack but Cody grabbed him and suplexed him back to the outside, leaving it between Okada and Omega. Okada went for the Rainmaker but the Bucks came back with superkicks and wiped out Okada with a triple superkick. Ospreay took out the Bucks as everyone came in to clear house. Ospreay went for the Oscutter on Cody, but he reversed it into the Cross Rhodes for the win. 

Omega cut a promo after the match saying that there are no babyfaces or heels in their world, there is first place and second place, and Bullet Club and the Elite are first place. Omega reaffirmed that 2017 would be their year as the show ended.

Final Thoughts --

This was another night of good action. The main event was the usual crazy match you’d expect to see in a match featuring Ospreay or the Young Bucks. War Machine continue to impress and may just be the team that can bring the Heavyweight tag team division back to relevance. YOSHI-HASHI looked good in his match against Adam Cole, who continues to excel in his role as a World Champion. Also some great buildup towards the Anniversary shows next weekend. Good show overall.