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VIDEO: Jericho cuts promo on Naito ahead of NJPW Dominion

While he didn't make an in-person appearance, Chris Jericho continued his feud with Tetsuya Naito at NJPW's Best of the Super Juniors show at Korakuen Hall this morning.

A video promo from Jericho played as Naito & BUSHI were in the ring after defeating Toa Henare & Tiger Mask IV. Jericho continued to act unhinged, swearing at Naito and saying, unlike Naito, he isn't tranquilo, he's "f*cking crazy."

Jericho promised to win the IWGP Intercontinental title from Naito and become a 10-time Intercontinental Champion with his WWE reigns. He also insulted the Japanese fans and said Naito will be known as the person that Jericho made famous when Jericho beats him at Dominion on June 9th and brings the title back to the United States.

Naito responded by laying in the ring and looking unconcerned with Jericho, On Twitter, Chris Charlton provided a translation of what Naito said in his promo:

Jericho and Naito's storyline began prior to this year's Tokyo Dome show, with both arguing that their matches were the real main event. Jericho attacked Naito at New Year's Dash the next day but didn't return to NJPW until night two of Wrestling Dontaku earlier this month. He again attacked Naito at Dontaku and bloodied him with a shot from the ring bell.

Click play below to watch Jericho's promo and Naito's response: