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The Crash Lucha Libre announces Konnan no longer with company

Crash Lucha Libre based in Tijuana announced today that booker Charles "Konnan" Ashenoff is no longer with the promotion.

Rumors had started about two weeks ago coming off the conclusion of a tour around Mexico that saw some small crowds and canceled shows.

The promotion released a statement saying, "The Crash Lucha Libre brand is known for the way we treat people and value each and every single person that works in this company. Bettering the economical and habitual needs. Showing the support for each element and giving opportunity to new talent. In this way, the value and professionalism shown between each of its partners. Not being able to comply to the Crash Lucha Libre code of ethic is something we do not tolerate in this company. With that being said, we now announce that Carlos Santiago Espada, 'Konnan,' will be longer be working with The Crash."

The departure of Ashenoff leads to a lot of questions since he booked all the talent, from the company's strong undercard to the American independent talent. While Crash had garnered a reputation for having the best live shows in Mexico, they had struggled to draw in many markets with no television.

He had been working as of midweek on future dates. Also, it is mostly The Crash roster that is booked for Arolucha, which he is booking for Ron & Don Harris for a show on December 10th in Nashville with the attempt to get television in the United States.

Another key is that Konnan is tight with Rey Mysterio Jr., who is the biggest star with The Crash.