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Kenny Omega AAA title defense scheduled for Triplemania XXVIII

A match between Kenny Omega and Laredo Kid for the AAA Mega Championship is currently planned for Triplemania in December.

AAA made the announcement in a press conference this afternoon. The company said (via luchablog) that it hopes to run Triplemania in December. However, running the event would be based on Mexico City improving its current orange COVID-19 health tracker status or permission granted by the local government. Dorian Roldan said that there are no plans to hold Triplemania in an empty arena.

Omega and Laredo Kid were originally scheduled to have their match back at Rey de Reyes in March, but the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Omega has been AAA Mega champion for 371 days, defeating Fenix at Heroes Inmortales back on October 19, 2019.

Other matches announced for Triplemania in today’s press conference include Pangano vs. Chessman in a hair vs. hair match, and Arcano and Leyenda Americana vs. Terror Púrpura & Venenoide.