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Lucha Underground results: King Cuerno vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.

The Takeaway -- 

Antonio Cueto is looking to make sacrifices to the gods. Mr. Pectacular was the first of what looks to be many deaths at the hands of Matanza this season, as Matanza destroyed him in a few seconds in the first-ever Sacrifice to the Gods match.

Jake Strong continues to dominate, breaking ankles and causing severe injuries. The feud between the Worldwide Underground and Kobra Moon's men continued to build. I wonder if one of these groups will be getting a shot at the Six-Man Tag titles before the end of the season.

Antonio is looking for the Power Gauntlet, but Cuerno insisted it was stolen. Brian Cage wanted a title shot against Pentagon Dark, but Antonio booked him against Mil Muertes instead. Cuerno got a measure of revenge against Chavo Guerrero Jr. and won an Aztec Medallion in the process. Meanwhile, one has to wonder what the newly-revived Catrina will be bringing to the table.

The Recap --

Fenix was killed last week by Mil Muertes, and Catrina was able to give him the kiss of death this week. She sucked 1,000 souls out from him, returning her to the land of the living. Catrina went to Melissa Santos and told her that Fenix gave his life for the only woman who truly loved him -- Catrina.

She then gave Santos her half of an Aztec Medallion. This is going to be important later, I think.

Jake Strong defeated Big Bad Steve via ankle lock

Strong started the match fast by beating on Steve around ringside. It wasn’t long after that Strong locked on an ankle lock and Steve tapped out. Strong then broke Steve's ankle. Matt Striker commented that Famous B, who suffered a broken ankle due to Strong, might have to have a limb amputated. Well then. Strong gave Steve a brutal powerbomb on the floor.

Antonio Cueto had King Cuerno in his office, and Antonio was looking for the gauntlet. Cuerno insisted that someone stole it from him. Antonio offered him an Aztec Medallion from his tribe, and a chance to get revenge on Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Brian Cage walked in and wanted a shot at Pentagon Dark. Cuerno said that he was the man, but Cage is a machine. Antonio told Cage that if he wanted a shot at the title, he’d have to win a medallion and compete for the Gift of the Gods. Cage was booked against Mil Muertes.

Worldwide Underground (Taya & Johnny Mundo) defeated Daga & Kobra Moon via Curb Stomp after Interference by PJ Black

Taya and Daga started the match and there was a quick exchange of holds before Daga tried a pinfall attempt. Taya hit a big boot that nailed Daga and followed with a kick to the stomach. Daga hit a big dropkick that led to Taya tagging out. Mundo tried to slide between Daga’s legs, but Daga did a double stomp to his back. Mundo turned it around and hit a standing Shooting Star Press.

Kobra Moon hit a flying hurricanrana on Mundo, but he kicked out. Mundo went for a superkick and accidently hit Taya, and Matt Striker said they may be romantically involved with each other. I’m quite sure that’s common knowledge, Matt. Kobra Moon hit a Russian leg sweep on Taya, but while the referee was distracted, PJ Black hit Moon, and Taya hit a Curb Stomp before the pinfall.

Vibora ran out and took out all three members of the Worldwide Underground. Kobra Moon said that Mundo would soon call her his queen.

Antonio unlocked Matanza’s room, where we saw him beating a man without mercy. Antonio said that it was time for Matanza's first sacrifice.

Mr. Pectacular was in the ring, and Antonio came out and said this would likely be his last match, as he booked the first-ever Sacrifice to the Gods match -- and Mr. Pectacular was the sacrifice. Striker accidentally called Antonio "Dario" here, and I wonder if Antonio will have Striker eaten by Matanza next.

Matanza Cueto defeated Mr. Pectacular via Death

Matanza killed him within a few seconds with a Wrath of the Gods. Soon thereafter, Matanza looked to the skies and Mr. Pectacular disappeared, apparently appeasing the gods.

King Cuerno defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. for an Aztec Medallion via Thrill of the Kill

Guerrero hit a dive right away and sent Cuerno crashing into a few rows of chairs. He took it to Cuerno early on, beating him all around ringside. Cuerno hit a dropkick after an attempted top rope dive by Guerrero. Cuerno struck Guerrero with a chop. Both men brawled, and Guerrero went for a chair shot as Cuerno went for a dive, but Cuerno saw it coming and slid under the bottom rope before kicking the chair into Guerrero's face.

Cuerno hit a plancha off a railing with assistance from a member of the audience. Striker said that Cuerno must have watched a ton of footage of Guerrero to prepare for the match. However, Antonio booked it earlier in the night. Striker was pretty bad tonight. Guerrero hit a superplex, but Cuerno kicked out.

Both men brawled before Guerrero went for a slingshot, but Cuerno countered, hit a sunset flip, and followed up with a knee. Cuerno hit a suicide dive to the outside, but it didn’t do too much good as Guerrero cradled him when they went back in the ring. Cuerno countered the Three Amigos and hit a Thrill of the Kill for the pinfall finish. Solid match to close the show.