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Lucha Underground results: Mil Muertes vs. Cage

The Takeaway -- 

Matanza continued his warpath as Antonio Cueto had another sacrifice to the gods. Ivelisse earned a Gift of the Gods Medallion -- as did The Mack and Son of Havoc.

In a must-see match, Mil Muertes and Cage tore the house down in the main event. Muertes entered the arena with Catrina, who has now returned to the land of the living, and he defeated Cage. Catrina did not give Cage the lick of death. Muertes now holds an Aztec Medallion, continuing his momentum. Pentagon Dark will be facing Cage for the Lucha Underground Championship next week.

The White Rabbit Tribe murdered Mascarita Sagrada at the request of Killer Kross. Odd segment, but very bloody. I’m interested to see where they go from here.

The Recap --

Mil Muertes will be taking on Brian Cage in the main event of this episode, challenging for a Gift of the Gods medallion.

Cortez Castro opened the show in the ring. Antonio Cueto confronted Castro and accused him of being a police officer. Antonio wanted to report a homicide, as he booked Matanza in a Sacrifice to the Gods match.

Matanza Cueto defeated Cortez Castro via Death

This match only lasted a few seconds, and Matanza hit the Wrath of the Gods for the pinfall victory.

Matanza raised his hands to the sky, and the lights flashed red, went out, and Castro was gone. Matanza has made his second sacrifice, solving the police problem (for now) for Cueto.

Ivelisse defeated Joey Ryan via Code Red for a Gift of the Gods Medallion

Ivelisse tried to slap Ryan, but he blocked it and tried to get her to grab him by his junk. She fought it off, and was soon hitting a series of hurricanranas. Ryan hit a right hand. Striker said, “Don’t feel sorry for her, she’s been in tougher fights.” Vampiro said, “Punch her harder, I mean it’s good for the business, right?” That was super uncomfortable.

Ivelisse locked on a headscissors submission, but Ryan hit a superkick. Ivelisse kicked out. Ryan hit a spinebuster a little while later, but Ivelisse kicked out again. Ivelisse ended up hitting a massive German suplex, but Ryan kicked out. Ivelisse countered a powerbomb and hit a Code Red and scored the pinfall, winning one of the medallions.

This was a decent match, but it was harmed greatly by Striker and Vampiro’s commentary, which was advocating for violence against women. If Ivelisse is the babyface (which she was), saying “Don’t feel sorry for her” completely takes the sympathy off her.

The Mack defeated Son of Havoc and Killshot via Stunner for a Gift of the Gods Medallion (Havoc also won a medallion) 

This match saw the Lucha Underground Trios Champions facing off against each other for a chance at the Gift of the Gods. The one that isn’t pinned or submitted will also receive a medallion. This match was incredibly fast paced with all three trying to drop one another. Havoc hit the ropes, and Killshot went over with a leap frog while Havoc did a suicide dive onto The Mack.

The Mack hit a killer kick and did a tope con giro to the outside onto Killshot and Havoc both. Killshot hit a big kick to the arm of the Mack, then began to work over the Mack’s arm. He hit a superkick that sent the Mack to the floor. Havoc and Killshot exchanged blows, and Havoc hit a tornado DDT. The Mack dodged a handspring elbow from Havoc and hit The Pounce. Killshot hit a German suplex on the Mack, but he no sold it and hit a lariat. Killshot hit a double stomp in response.

Havoc went for a Shooting Star Press on The Mack, but Killshot grabbed him by the beard and hit a Death Valley Driver on the apron. Killshot hit a double stomp on Havoc, and The Mack hit a stunner on Killshot for the pinfall victory.

The Mack hesitated about which guy he should pin. Mack and Havoc walked out with a medallion each, while Killshot was angry at both men. This was an excellent match.

Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) defeated Cage via Flatliner for a Gift of the Gods Medallion

This started with both men brawling and exchanging a series of hard strikes. The crowd came alive for this one, as two of the favorite monsters of the LU fans faced off here. Muertes hit a headscissors takedown and both went to the outside of the ring. Cage was sent into the barricade, but he hit a superkick and threw Muertes into the same barricade before hitting a series of forearms. They continued to brawl at ringside.

Cage hit a big kick and a deadlift superplex from the apron to the inside of the ring. Muertes went for a spear, but Cage leapfrogged him. Unfortunately for the referee, who was behind him. Cage hit a lariat, but Muertes kicked out. Cage killed the second ref, then Muertes hit a flatliner on Cage. A third ref came down, but Cage kicked out. Muertes chokeslammed the ref. All three refs were down. Cage hit a tope con giro, which was absolutely incredible.

Muertes hit a huge lariat and introduced a chair into the equation. He didn’t get to use it, though, as Cage took him out and grabbed the chair. A fan behind Cage stood up and took off his jacket, and it was Pentagon Dark! The crowd exploded as Pentagon hit a kick and a chair shot. Muertes hit a flatliner and got the pinfall, winning the match. This was an absolutely awesome match.

Pentagon said that Cage shouldn’t be sad because he’s going to get a title shot next week. Pentagon then said he was going to break Cage’s arm.

The show closed with a skit with the White Rabbit Tribe, which was all sorts of weird. Paul London asked for guidance after being taken to Killer Kross by Mascarita Sagrada. Killer Kross demanded he kill Mascarita Sagrada, and London did.